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December 8, 2016
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Hundreds Of Businesses Are Damaged By Bad Weather Every Year, Are You Prepared?
December 9, 2016

Caring Careers Is Big Business: Humanitarian Approaches To Running Your Own Company

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The vast and scary world of setting up your own business comes in many different forms. If you have spent time looking into what sorts of companies there are and where you would fit in with your product, you might have decided on doing something a bit more than the standard e-commerce business, or consultancy firm. You may have thought that you have wanted to invest in a business that invests in people more. Something more on the humanitarian side. And if you have seriously considered about going in this direction but still don’t know what to do, use these examples as a springboard.

Help The Afflicted And Addicted

A common problem in the western world is the issue of alcohol or drug dependency, and with many cultures promoting the “going out, getting wasted” mentality, it doesn’t help with those people that are trying hard to keep themselves sober. An idea of a nightclub that only serves soft drinks or water isn’t that far removed from a school disco, but if you recreate the same vibes that come with a standard nightclub, nobody would need to feel like the designated driver!

Start A Medical Practice

You could become a silent partner to a medical practice with a doctor or healthcare professional dealing with patients on a daily basis. There are many of them that are giving up their practices or are selling them to healthcare providers and hospitals. There are many loopholes to get through before you are officially set up, but if you have a healthcare professional that is HITRUST endorsed, this can go in your favor. While there are many legal barriers and financial issues to sort, once these have been achieved, you can be on the path to a fulfilling career.

Come To People’s (First) Aid

There is always a need for first aid, wherever you are. Working environments, schools and everything in between always needs to have someone that is certified to perform first aid. You can set up a local night class, or you can go to places of work or business and teach one-day courses. These courses are very popular, so it is definitely a great way to run a business.

Personal Coaching

There are therapists and psychologists, but if you’ve had your own traumatic life experiences which you overcame, you can be “qualified” to help others. You may need to obtain a diploma of sorts, depending on what solutions you would like to bring to solve people’s problems. Stress, anxiety, and depression are a lot more common now than ever before, so you may want to think about heading down this avenue if you really have a desire to help people. You may wish to train in CBT to give another angle to the healing therapies. Or you may wish to develop as a life coach, where you help people on a daily basis to overcome their anxieties. This will require a lot more immersion than the standard 9 to 5, but if you have a burning passion to help people while running your own business, this could be the one!

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