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6 Tips For Speeding Up the Move Out Process

6 Tips For Speeding Out the Move Out Process

The “moving out” process is usually very stressful, and a lot of hard work.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around this, and many people will avoid having to move out just to avoid the exit clean and when they do move out, they’ll hire Whizz end of lease cleaning just to ease some of the enormous burden placed upon them. The reason behind this is that moving out is a huge combination of going to work 9-5, deep-cleaning the house 5-9, and finding time in between those to look for a new house and pack all of your belongings, so you can understand why they’d be unhappy about having to do it.

Chances are, you’ve got a move-out on the horizon, so to help you out with that most terrible of tasks, we’ve struck up 6 tips for speeding out the move out process!

Hire A Cleaner

First thing’s first, you need to hire a cleaner.

It’s obvious that cleaners cost money that you might not have available, but if you can afford to hire a cleaner you will save yourself hours upon hours of work wiping down walls and doors for days on end. Exit cleaning is really a very tedious thing to do, as you need to get the house as close to looking as it was before you moved in as possible, which means all those places you failed to clean for the last two years are now on display.


When you know you’re moving out, the second you actually know for sure that you’re moving out, start packing. It might seem excessive, but think forward a few months to when you’re still finding things to look at while you pack, and you’ve almost completely run out of boxes, and your exit date is one week away and you haven’t started cleaning yet. Packing early is the ideal time to pack because you will be living out of boxes for a month or two but you can move out the same day you get the keys to your new place. 

Hire a Gardener

Your garden, if you have one, will be a nightmare in these last few weeks.

Everything you do to it will almost immediately be negated as Mother Nature seemingly surges with power to grow the lawn twice as fast as before, and redoubles her efforts to fill your neat garden beds with weeds. Hire a gardener to do the whole garden as an exit trim and the worry is out of your hands. Many places offer a bond guarantee, so do some window shopping before settling on one.

Find Lodgings

This might go without saying, we don’t know, but find another place before you tell your current place that you’re leaving. It makes everything easier if you can move your things to the new place in smaller trips over a long period of time instead of hiring a big truck with a time limit over one day and stress moving everything in one trip. 

Move Out Early

If you can, move out before your end of lease date and hand the keys back once you’re done. That way, any cobwebs that form, damage from birds hitting windows, gardens dug up by foxes or storm damage can’t be put to you for damage costs. Get out and stay out, and hand back the keys the day you leave with a written note of the date you left, that way you’re covered in the event of one of the above. 

Fix Any Damage

This is a doozy and a very important doozy at that. Any holes in the walls, chipped paint, broken windows or other serious damage absolutely MUST be fixed before you hand the keys back, or you’ll lose part of your bond on the repair costs. It’s cheaper and easier to do it yourself, and you’ll get your money back sooner, so bite the bullet and get to it.

Moving out doesn’t have to be a nightmare wrapped in a Lovecraftian horror, it can be as simple as following the above steps and getting out scott free in no time at all.

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