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A Few Great Ways to Double Your Income

Is the Stock Market the way to go in 2017?

SPONSORED CONTENT: If you ask most people about their financial situation, they would say that it could be better. This would be the answer in most parts of the world but particularly in the US where the cost of basics and everything else is quite high and continues to rise. Because of this, most of us could use more cash to pay our bills and to put away for later.

So if like many others, you feel that your current income isn’t quite keeping up with your bills, maybe it’s time to start thinking of ways to increase your income and supersize your bank account.

One proven way to make additional money or even to get filthy rich is to invest in the markets. Investments can range from putting money into bonds, stocks, derivatives and these investments have made more millionaires lately than just about any other. Most importantly perhaps is that as the stock market continues to rise, and the need for government and corporate bonds continues to be strong, payouts to investors will remain robust.

The smart strategy is to invest in all three in order to create a range of investments that cover the goals of low risk and low return, medium risk and medium return and high risk and high return.

Stocks, Bonds, and Derivatives

Collectively Americans have trillions of dollars invested in stocks, bonds, and derivatives. They have each performed very well over time and proven their wealth-generating potential no matter what decade you examine over the past 100 years.

Stocks – Stocks give you the chance to own equity in the world’s largest companies and those emerging to be the largest in the future. Anyone can make an investment in Apple or WalMart and as their fortunes continue to rise, part of that benefit goes to the investor. Similarly, you can invest based on a specific industry or company size. There are mutual funds that spread risk by investing in a basket of stocks so your chances of success are better than picking individual stocks. But if you have a gut feeling about one particular stock you can simply go for it.

Derivatives – These include options and give investors an opportunity to benefit from the success of their favorite companies, currencies, and commodities without having to purchase expensive stock in them. Derivatives let you leverage the asset for a fraction of the price. They can be complicated to understand and there are several different classes including the least complicated called binary options which are easy to learn and can be bought and sold using the software on your laptop or phone. Binary options experts like Mr. Jean-Yves Sireau advise investors on how to use these products to generate more revenue for themselves as compared to stocks, or how to use them to lower the risks associated with purchasing stocks.

Bonds – Bonds are the safest investment of the three. They are debt taken against a government or corporation and depending upon the quality of the entity, the risk to the purchaser or investor might nearly be zero. For this minimal risk, though, the returns are quite low. You can buy bonds on foreign companies and governments but there is more risk attached and instead you should just buy stocks.

Investing in any of these products has associated risk and you can lose some or all of your investment so before you invest do your homework and fully understand the risks and potential rewards.

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