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AT&T rolls out TV-and-Wireless plan after DirecTV deal

Telecoms giant AT&T is set to offer the first-ever nationwide bundled TV and mobile services, starting at $200 a month for the first year. The package, […]

Tomorrow’s Tech Stars Talk High Aspirations

Just a stone’s throw away from Silicon Valley, a group of young, talented programmers talk candidly about race, technology, and future aspirations. “Once I saw what […]

Ecommerce platform MallforAfrica brings global goods to Africa

Prior to MallforAfrica, a global e-commerce platform launched in late 2011, most European and American merchants would not ship to Africa. Their concerns ranged from consumers using […]

#RealDiversityNumbers hashtag challenges tech firms on diversity

A new Twitter hashtag, #RealDiversityNumbers, is challenging the tech industry’s efforts to increase diversity. Created by Erica Baker a former Google engineer who now works for […]