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‘WakaWaka’ solar power project aims to bring light to Haiti

An innovative initiative using portable solar powered lamps has been launched to help bring light to Haitians struggling to cope without electricity. The scheme, which is […]

African-Americans embracing veganism?

Afya Ibomu is a vegan. She is one of a relatively small, but growing, number of African-Americans who have given up animal-based food products. Her decision to […]

Confessions of an African-American albino

Marlon Brown is not unlike the vast majority of educated, ambitious and twenty-something African-American men. He excelled at school, gained a degree in political science followed […]

“What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women”

Newsweek’s just published its latest cover story “What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women” alongside a controversial image of a woman with her dress being raised by a […]