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Civil rights activist Michael Skolnik says ‘majority of people want to believe I am not white’

Michael Skolnik is a white guy with the zeal of a black civil rights activist. The 35-year-old award-winning filmmaker-turned-campaigner articulates the plight of the underprivileged with such emotion […]

MOVE bombing survivor Ramona Africa opens up

by Kunbi Tinuoye | Originally published on September 18, 2013 Twenty-eight years after being at the center of a deadly encounter with the city of Philadelphia, Ramona Africa still bears […]

Greene Scholars seeks to place black youth in STEM jobs

Over the next few days, 95 academically gifted African-American children with an aptitude in math and science will attend a highly-competitive summer camp in California’s Silicon […]

Welcome to ‘Nollywood’: Nigerian film industry entices Hollywood stars

First there was Hollywood, then came Bollywood and today we have Nollywood: the second largest film industry in the world. Indeed, it was in 2009 that Nigeria’s […]