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Mobile App gives Hair & Skin Product Advice based on Weather

App Gives Real-Time Hair & Beauty Product Advice Based on Weather

Whether it’s a springtime thunderstorm or a humid summer morning, women oftentimes have little or no guidance on how to modify their beauty regime based on the weather.

But all that’s about to change with the first of its kind weather-inspired beauty forecasting mobile app that provides real-time personalized hair and skin product recommendations.

The brainchild of technology entrepreneur Sian Morson, Cast Beauty helps women remain picture perfect in any climate by providing product recommendations on the basis of localized weather forecasts and their personal beauty profile.

Cast App founder Sian Morson

Cast App founder Sian Morson

“It’s very frustrating to have your hair or makeup ruined by the forces of nature after you’ve invested so much time and energy getting ready in the morning,” Morson said. “Cast gives women power over the elements by providing personalized advice on what to use on their hair and skin in various weather conditions. It is the perfect blend of science, technology, and everyday life.”

“The beauty industry is starting to really offer very specific items for specific people,” Morson said. “Technology is allowing us to offer that additional level of uniqueness and personalization to people.”

In 2014, when Morson relocated to Atlanta from San Francisco, she immediately noticed that the change in climate took a toll on her skin and had adverse effects on her hair.

“Moving from a relatively cool area to Atlanta when the pollen season was in full effect caused me to break out, and the products I had used in the past were not working for me in Atlanta,” Morson said. “So when I started talking to other women who had relocated to Atlanta, I realized that they also had similar stories and had to make adjustments in the products that they were using.”

Morson says she is excited about giving women access to personalized options. “We push very hard to make our product truly personalized for women no matter where they are located,” she said.

After downloading the Cast app, users enter details about their skin and hair to receive a personalized list of products based on their profile and the weather. Recommended products are available for purchase through the app’s shopping platform.

App Gives Real-Time Hair & Beauty Product Advice Based on WeatherConsumers can log into the app with their Amazon account and selected items are added to their shopping carts or saved in favorites. When an individual is ready to make a purchase, the app directs them to Amazon to complete the sale.

Cast also keeps women informed on how the changing weather can affect their hair and skin by sending beauty tips and reminders via push notifications every morning and evening.

“We use specific data points in terms of the weather such as the humidity and time of day,” Morson said. “We then use those data points to make sure we get the right products for each user.”

Morson said refining the app has been the biggest hurdle in creating Cast Beauty.

“It was really a process of refining and making sure that what is on the app is worth it for people,” she said. “We want this app to be helpful for each user.”

The Cast app can be downloaded on the Apple App store here and the Google Play store here.

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