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UrbanGeekz is a pioneering video-centric African-American, Latinx, and multicultural digital news platform focused on technology, business, science, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Founded in 2015, UrbanGeekz is an influential global tech and multimedia community, reaching a growing and increasingly significant audience.

Ranker has listed UrbanGeekz as one of the top 20 ‘Best Tech Blogs’ online alongside Wired and TechCrunch. PR Newswire has also recognized UrbanGeekz as one of the top 10 African-American news sites. “These are websites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena,” writes PR Newswire.

Companies and brands including AT&T, Zoho, Calendly, PagerDuty, SalesLoft, Flatiron School, and Wallbreakers and many more partner with UrbanGeekz to reach our tech-savvy, ambitious, multicultural audience.

Partner with us to accelerate your business and expand your reach to a growing demographic. Benefit from our extensive network to increase engagement with your brand and stay ahead of your competitors.

Sold out crowd at an UrbanGeekz event


400K page views a month, 1M social media impressions

Daily time spent on site 20 minutes

10K newsletter subscribers

Events average, 400 attendees

UrbanGeekz articles have been reposted and picked up by Blavity, Huffington Post, The Undefeated, and Black Enterprise, among others.



Highly educated: More than 80% of UrbanGeekz readers have completed first degrees, with many completing graduate degrees.

Geographically diverse: 82% U.S., 13% international. Readers in all the major urban hubs, including Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, London, Lagos, Boston, and Seattle.

Entrepreneurs and decision-makers: techies, startup founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, purchase decision makers at companies, and working at companies planning to hire fulltime.


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Email ad campaign: Sponsor post in UrbanGeekz newsletter send out bimonthly to 10K subscribers

Bundled Ad Services: Various options for ad placements on UrbanGeekz site, Newsletter, Geekz Watch broadcast show, and social media shout outs.

Custom Underwriting: Opportunities are available in a variety of areas to fund increased UrbanGeekz coverage of topics such as e-sports, gaming, Fintech, Education Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and more.

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