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June 5, 2016
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Data Management Tips For Your Business

#WOCinTech Chat

#WOCinTech Chat

Data management isn’t a simple operation, contrary to popular belief. It’s not just a case of creating a folder in Windows 10 and naming it ‘invoices’. That may suffice for the average Joe, but businesses have a lot more on their plate.

They have invoices too, and accounts, customer data, marketing stats, and sales figures. All this stuff can quickly get overwhelming if the proper measures aren’t in place. You have to have a solid organizational system – and this post will offer you several tips to make it easier.

Get rid of any unneeded data

Data Management Tips For Your Business

As humans, we’re a species of hoarders. We love to keep stuff, and store stuff, and have lots of stuff! But this gets in the way, clouding what we truly need in a sea of pointless belongings. The same is true of your data, and the data you store. If you don’t need it, delete it.

I’m not saying you should go trigger-happy with the delete key, though. You should analyze your data, and keep what you use the most. Delete things that are more than six months old, or one month old. If you have multiple copies, delete the copies and keep the original.

Some details, like customer payment information, should never be touched. Things like business ideas and future plans, sales figures, etc, it’s all gold. Leave it! But, other stuff can go. Your accounting information from six years ago, for example. If you have less data, it’ll be easier to manage.

Combine data management with the cloud

Data Management Tips For Your BusinessCloud systems are truly unparalleled in that they allow multiple people to access data at once. There’s no paper, there are no restrictions. You’ll have everything in one place, and it doesn’t get easier to manage than that.

A provider like DOMA Technologies offers you the ability to manage all your documents from one system. Often, the key factor businesses need to nail is integration; combining many processes into one service. By storing your documents in the cloud, you edit and collaborate from anywhere, improving your efficiency in the process.

Implement a data recovery and backup plan

Data Management Tips For Your Business


What good is it to store a lot of valuable data, if you can’t recover it if lost? Sure, statistically, it’s not very common, but it does happen. You must protect yourself in the event of a data loss – the fallout could be catastrophic.

Some basic choices you can make include storing data on multiple hard drives or using the cloud, as mentioned previously. Alternatively, you could backup your whole PC to a hard drive, and do this regularly, so you always have the latest version.

And that’s the important trick here; yes, backup your data, but keep backing it up. And keep backing it up. And keep backing it up. If you miss one week, you’ve not secured a week’s worth of data. That could have serious ramifications if that’s the week your business suffers a data loss.

Conclusion: a well-managed system

And that’s your lot! Hopefully, these tips helped you create a business that’s perfectly organized, managed and run. Leave a comment down below with anything we missed!

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