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The Three Methods Of Ordering Food: Which Should Your Restaurant Use?

The Three Methods Of Ordering Food: Which Should Your Restaurant Use?

Ever questioned your restaurant’s way of doing things? If not, it might be time to. Efficiency is important in business, simply because time equates directly to money. So, if you’re not serving people quickly enough in your restaurant, then you are losing out on more potential profit. Take a look at the three popular methods that caterers use to help their customers order their food. Then, if you make a decision about which you should use in your establishment, and you’ll be seeing dollar signs in your eyeballs! Read on…

Through A Waiter

The most common way of ordering food at a restaurant is through a waiter. An employed member of staff will often come over to your customer and ask them whether or not they are ready to order their food and drinks. This process is the classic method used by hospitality services worldwide and is tough to replace with anything else. This is because people are so used to it. This does, however, not make it the only way. A restaurant ordering system says a lot about the establishment itself. Posh, high-profile restaurants will almost always have a waiting service for its diners. Whereas, a fast-food outlet, such as McDonald’s, makes its customers order from the counter. One of the best thing about employing staff to take your customers’ food orders is that you can show your appreciation and value to them. This is achieved by offering them a tip structure with their work. This will keep them satisfied and hopefully raise spirits within your restaurant.food_restaurant_02

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At The Bar/Counter

If your establishment is more focused on providing drinks for its consumers, then a bar-based ordering model makes more sense. If food is secondary to drink, like it is at many bars and pubs, then you needn’t worry about providing a waiting service. This will probably annoy potential customers more than anything. Similarly, you may wish to have your diners order with you at a counter. This system seems to work chiefly in restaurants where food is prepared much faster than other outlets. Nando’s, for example, is a perfect implementation of this. Customers order at the counter, but then have their food brought to them – it’s the best of both worlds. This might be something you think could be suitable for your business. If it is, then give it a go, and let us know in the comments section below how it worked out!

Via An App

A mobile application is a perfect way to order food that is then made available for collection. Perhaps your premises don’t allow for consumers to dine at your establishment. If so, then this is the perfect implementation of an ordering system. Customers can sit in the comfort of their own home and pick what they want to eat, before coming into your store, picking it up, and heading home to eat it. You could offer special ‘collection only’ deals that you could make available exclusively through your app. Domino’s Pizza do this exceptionally well. This would really drive sales and revenue alike!

The Three Methods Of Ordering Food: Which Should Your Restaurant Use?‘Pixabay Link’

Hopefully, with all this information about the three main types of ordering food at your disposal, you’ll be able to make an informed business choice.

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