Revealed: The Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur
Revealed: The Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur
July 4, 2016
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July 4, 2016

The Ideas That Will Set Your Business Aside From Your Competitors

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Starting a business is no easy task. Even if you’ve got the most amazing product, that doesn’t guarantee you success. The key to success in the business industry is simple; it’s being different to your competitors. If you want any chance of making a success of your venture, you need to ensure that your company stands out.

Source from a sought after location

A great way to make your brand stand out is by sourcing your products or materials from a sought after location. For example, restaurants that source their ingredients locally, tend to be more popular than ones that don’t. What you want to do is source from a location that makes your products or services look like they are of a higher quality than your competitors are. It might seem like a small, insignificant thing, but it can have a big impact on how successful you are.

Use a manufacturing process that’s unique

Again, if you use a manufacturing process that’s unique, this is another way you can set yourself aside from your competitors. Companies that use traditional skills, eco-friendly processes, or high-tech equipment, tend to stand out. This is because they’re offering products that are unique. Ask yourself, what’s different about your manufacturing processes? Revealed: Why You’re Currently Failing In Business


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Offer your customers things no other company does

One of the best ways to stand out is to offer your customers things that no other company does. For example, a car garage that has a comfortable waiting room, with a toilet and drinks machine, will stand out. This is because most car garages don’t offer a comfortable space to wait while your car is being checked. Another example is restaurants that offer their customers free Snapchat geofilters for birthdays. These allow them to add a special filter that says something like ‘I celebrated my birthday at Nandos!’. This sets them aside from other restaurants and gives customers a reason to visit their eaterie instead of neighboring ones.

Be creative with marketing

A fantastic way to make your business stand out from your competitors is being creative with your marketing. Don’t just use the most common forms of advertising, think outside the box. The more creative you are, the more likely your brand is to get noticed. A great way to stand out from the crowd is by using marketing stunts, as these grab a lot more attention than normal marketing. For example, Unicef’s recent video of a six-year-old girl stood alone on the street, outlined the fact that we only help certain people. When she was dressed in smart clothes, lots of people stopped to see if she was okay. When she was dressed in ragged, old clothes – as if she was homeless, no one cared. This advertisement went viral, highlighting the impact of homeless children in the Western world. Marketing stunts offer powerful advertising.

Hopefully, the above ideas will help you to set your business apart from your competitors. Take them on board, implement them, and see what happens. The chances are, once your business stands out, it will start to be more successful.

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