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Why shoppers go online to find the better deals

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There will always be some allure to heading to a store to shop. A shopper can inspect the products before committing to purchase, and she can feel the material of the blouse, check the color of the curtains and sheets, and make sure the shoes fit. Shopping can also be a fun fantasy experience where a shopper can see and try products she can’t actually afford to buy. And shopping can be a social event to get friends together for consultation and gossip.

As popular as heading to the mall might still be, the Internet seems to rule the world of shopping. It has caused a revolution in the way stores market their products and retain customers, and doesn’t look to slow down. Even when stores have sales, shoppers are using their mobile devices to choose products. So why do shoppers go online to find the better deal when shopping?

It’s so convenient

Why wait till 10 am when a shopper can find what she needs at 3 am? There is no waiting in line, no pesky sales clerk asking if she wants help or spraying her with perfume, and no other people present. Shoes are optional, and the kids are asleep, so a shopper can relax and spend quality time finding deals. The product itself may even arrive instantly, for example, a shopper can find a great novel online, download it and be reading it five minutes later.

Online, shoppers can easily compare different features and prices of the items they seek. Items like refrigerators have a multitude of features, like icemakers, freezer top and bottom, and French doors, not to mention different colors. Some shoppers trust the consumer reviews they find online, rather than the words of a salesperson eager for a commission.

Happy accidents happen, especially in shopping. By using online storefronts, a shopper can stumble upon a great deal while looking for something else. Sometimes online stores will remind shoppers of items they have purchased in the past, which can prompt a purchase before something runs out. This saves on late night runs to convenience stores.

It’s so much more private

Some shoppers don’t appreciate the presence of others. Especially when stores offer sale items, the stress of finding the perfect product while maneuvering around other consumers takes more time than simply going online. And time is money, so shoppers can actually get a better deal by avoiding the rush of crowds.

The savings!

Sometimes the best deal is online because products don’t enter the line of commerce in the same way. In other words, shoppers don’t have to pay for the overhead of running a storefront. Shoppers win when the middleman isn’t involved.

Competition online is another reason shoppers can find deals. If a shopper subscribes to a seller’s website, she is more likely to get coupons and discounts if she loyally purchases from that seller. But if she doesn’t find what she needs, she can literally search the globe and track it down at the best price.

There are many deals, and even freebies, that just can’t be found in stores. Many shoppers use websites to help find free stuff, and a typical free stuff finder will lead to scores on coffee, travel and more.

Unless a shopper frequents thrift stores, she has a unique opportunity to take advantage of finding old, refurbished and used products from resellers online. The prices will always mean a savings over what the bricks and mortar sellers have on offer.

Shopping online saves money in more ways than simply ensuring the shopper finds the cheapest product. Another way shoppers save is that they don’t have to pay parking fees or other transportation costs. It can prevent unneeded purchases due to upselling by sales clerks, or unwanted purchases due to lack of choice. And online shopping from home means a shopper won’t stop to buy a decadent brownie or overpriced latte.

Shoppers who live in more remote parts of the planet can see huge savings by online shopping. Bringing products to out-of-the-way places means a big price mark-up for the inconvenience. Added to the overhead of a store selling hard to get items, the online costs can be much less even if the shopper has to pay for shipping.

Today’s shopper can’t find every item at a better price online. However, the opportunity to find discounts or sales, and save loads of time are attractive reasons for checking out products online before heading to the store.




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