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Interested in a Transportation Business? Here’s Some Tips

Interested in a Transportation Business? Here's Some Tips

The transportation sector has blown up over the past year thanks to services like Uber. Previously, the only way to get private transportation was to use a taxi service or contact private firms for ludicrous amounts of money per journey. Nowadays, getting a driver is as easy as downloading an app and requesting for a pickup.

Invest in Technology

Technology has helped to ease the job of drivers and business owners, but also the end client. Drivers used to be required to learn the area they operated in. They were expected to know the roads and local attractions like the back of their hand. Thanks to GPS and smart devices, it’s possible to punch in a postal code or address and be directed anywhere with the help of a computer, removing much of the learning curve that used to be associated with driving.

Owners can also use computer services to manage their drivers, track their locations, and track their fares. Taking bookings is easy with dedicated software, and it makes managing your entire firm a breeze—you don’t need much staff besides drivers and an assistant. Ensure that all your drivers have mobile phones, give them access to your services, and then you’re good to go. They can take requests without phoning you or returning to the depot, and they’ll get client locations sent straight to their GPS.

Make sure you also have an online and mobile service for potential customers to contact you and book drivers. Ease of access is key here, so invest in someone to design a simple interface for the website and a straightforward application for mobile. Remember that you need to design for iOS, Android, and also Windows Phone. Alternatively, you can make sure that your website works well for all devices. Remember to test the website on a variety of phones so you know that everyone can access it.


Godwin Gabriel the CEO of ride-sharing app Moovn

Safety is Important

Your drivers will always be at risk when out driving. They can be assaulted, their vehicle could get damaged, and they might suffer injuries as a result. They also need to go through safety checks and drug tests, otherwise, you could be fined a lot of money. Make sure your drivers Stay DOT Compliant and take drug tests so you know they are fit to drive.

Depending on the area you operate in, it might be worth investing in safety shields and equipment such as cameras to ensure the safety of your drivers. Customers can get rowdy especially at night, so remind your drivers to exercise caution and to be polite so they don’t rub someone the wrong way and trigger arguments.

When recruiting new drivers, always carry out the necessary background checks so you know they are both fit to drive and legally able to—your business could be shut down otherwise. Their vehicle also has to be legally registered and insured. You don’t want to hire a driver that drives an unlicensed vehicle. Always question potential employees and make sure they can truthfully answer all your questions and provide all the legal paperwork to prove they are who they are and that their car is official.

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