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Hundreds Of Businesses Are Damaged By Bad Weather Every Year, Are You Prepared?

It’s been a nasty year for flooding and storms in the UK. Whilst we’re usually spared the extreme weather of other countries around the world, we’re generally less prepared for when a gale or flood does eventually hit. If you’ve been given weather warnings and are worried that your home or business property might be in the path of the storm, here are some ways to brace yourself and storm-proof your premises.

Make sure your property is insured

This is particularly important in areas that are perceptible to regular floods and storms. Having property insurance that protects against weather damage will stop you having to pay out the huge expenses in repairs. Storms can lead to floorboards having to be dug up, pipes having to be drained, roofing having to be replaced and insulation having to be replaced in walls. This is all extortionate stuff and worth insuring against to prevent a storm financially ruining you. Of course, other precautions can be taken to lessen this potential damage…

Scan around your property for potential dangers

Loose objects that are likely to be picked up by the wind should be seen to in the event of weather warnings. This includes garden ornaments, uprooted trees, loose fence panels or loose tiles. Temporarily secure what you can with rope and tape – you can go about fixing tiles and fencing after the storm. Dangerously leaning trees may need more immediate action. Store loose garden ornaments away in a shed or inside your home. The last thing you want is a garden gnome through your car windscreen. Secure your wheelie bin too to stop this being carried down the road.

Clear frozen guttering

Frozen water in guttering can cause the pipes to crack. A strong wind could rip the frozen guttering off, which could be as damaging as a falling tree branch. Alternatively, the pipes could fill up with water and cause flooding. Hire a professional to unblock your pipe.

Get your water system managed

To prevent your property from flooding, it may pay to look into your water management. Many companies offer planning resources to protect against storms. One particular aspect you want to protect against is your drainage system. If your drains regularly get blocked, they could overflow in a storm and you could end up with sewerage in your house. This is the last thing anyone wants – get your drainage repaired to avoid such an incident.

Seal any gaps

Any gaps that are likely to lead to leaks or drafts ought to be closed up. A storm could cause these to open up and become more serious. In the event of weather warning, you can prepare short-term by buying sandbags and blocking up gaps in windows and doors with tape. In the long term, you may want to install draft protectors and flood guards. Small cracks in walls can be sealed up with caulk. Bigger and more serious cracks could indicate something structural, in which case you should call in handymen. This could be an expensive job, but it’s probably more preferable than having half your house fall away in a storm.

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