Quick Tips For Making Your Business More Efficient
Quick Tips For Making Your Business More Efficient
February 25, 2017
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What Makes Your Home Office Just Right
February 27, 2017

Where Is The Internet Of Things Heading?

In 2016, Technology Transformed Business, But Not In The Way You Think

It has been a term thrown about here and there over the past few years, but its rise has been phenomenal. It has become one of the most used buzzwords over the past year, and that is because the Internet of Things is continuing to grow and grow, gaining incredible traction and seeing gadgets pop up in some of the most incredible sectors of domestic life.

Of course, the Internet of Things is still very much in the early stages and still very much an infant, but that surely can’t last much longer. Customer frustrations will grow and that will see a real demand for more investments into this area. We now live in a world where we want everything, want it right now and want to be able to control it on a pocket device. That is just the lay of the land these days, and while 2016 was no doubt an incredible year for the Internet of Things. 2017 will see huge movements made. The real deployment will start to boom and how businesses will monetise this technological market will too. Productivity, customer satisfaction, user experience and monetization are all going to be the big trends, that is for sure.

However, the other big change we will no doubt see in this relatively unexplored sphere will be an emergence of the big players. At the moment there are a lot of small fish trying to get a foothold from which they can grow, but with so many small players vying for a piece of the pie, we will quickly see a lot of them either fall out of the race or become part of those bigger conglomerates that are taking in interest in this new revenue stream.

No one really knows which direction this industry will go, or what will come out of it, not for certain anyway. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use the trends of 2016 to make calculated guesses about what we may see emerge in 2017. One thing is for certain, though, sites like http://agreatpick.com/best-modem-router-combo-reviews/ will become a lot more popular as people add more and more products into their lives, more specifically products that require a slick internet connection to deliver the best service possible.

Anyway, here are a few of the best products we have seen using Internet of Things technology. Enjoy.

Sports Helmets

The information age has brought about concerns to every corner of society, including the importance of safety in sport, especially contact sports, especially sports like American Football and Ice-Hockey. That is where the Internet of Things has already begun having an impact because companies like Shockbox has created a sensor that can be attached to a helmet to measure an impact using accelerometers. This information is then sent to any connected device, allowing those concerned to make an appropriate decision with immediate effect. This could be the coach, the parents, the medical team, anyone with an interest in the player’s well being. This technology is astounding, and by being able to make informed decisions now we will surely prevent neurological damage occurring later on down the line.

Quick Purchases

As with a lot of things these days, Amazon is leading the way in customer experience. At first, it was incorporating a one-click purchases button on their website and app, but they have taken that concept and ran with it to whole new levels. What we are talking about is Amazon Dash, which produces physical, branded buttons that link to products in your home. Efficiency has been taken to a whole new level. In short, Amazon Dash buttons are wirelessly connected devices that will reorder your favorite products at the press of a button. This could be FIJI water or Colgate toothpaste or IAMS dog food. When you are nearing the end of your supply, you simply press the button and Amazon instantly reorders that product and sends out a new load. There is no logging on, searching and manually buying. It is all done in one click. Crazy, right.

Garage Access

You may be thinking that this isn’t exactly a new concept and that the ability to open and close your garage door has been around for years, albeit with a fob and not a smartphone. Well, some apps now allow you to do this with you phone. But that isn’t all they do because that would be dull and trite. So, instead, these apps now alert you if you have left your garage door open, or left it unlocked, and allow you to amend these security concerns wirelessly from wherever you are. But it doesn’t stop there because these apps that use the Internet of Things theory also allow you to grant access to certain people. Let say you are going away on a business trip but still want your gardener to come in on Tuesday, well, these apps can grant specific people access, and at specific times too. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be controlled by your phone, because a lot of these apps are linked to the Amazon Echo meaning you can lock up with voice control.

Gardening Needs

Talking about gardening, Parrot, which is a well-known manufacturer of wireless devices, has taken a new approach to gardening. It is called Flower Power, which can be found at http://global.parrot.com/au/products/flower-power/ and is essentially a sensor that you plant into your flowerbeds. What this sensor then does is collect data on all sorts of fronts, analyzing the temperature of the air, the amount of sunlight the moisture of the soil and the levels of fertilizer on the ground. From here, it is then able to supply you with all the information you could ever want or need of your plants, which, if you are a keen gardener who likes to show off to your friends, could give you that extra edge over the competition. By ensuring they are getting everything they need by way of sunlight, water and nutrients, you will be able to keep your flowers in bloom for longer. This will surely become a must have device for flower shows if nothing else.

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