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April 11, 2017
To B2B or Not to Be
To B2B or Not to Be
April 11, 2017

Rebuilding Your Office From the Ground up (Literally)

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Our businesses are designed to provide something for our customers. To do this, we use a combination of technology and interaction in order to first discover what our customers want, and then we use traditional production methods in order to produce those items that our customers want. As technology advances and as hardware gets more sophisticated, we start to replace various parts of our business in order to maintain efficiency.

For example, when we first started with production lines, they were mostly operated by live people, each person with a specific task and they became a machine that was capable of producing hundreds or thousands of a product in a single day. But as technology grew more advanced, we replaced people with machines that were capable of incredibly detailed work at a lower cost. However, it wasn’t just simply a case of removing a member of staff and putting a machine in their place. A lot had to be changed in order to accommodate those drastic changes. In short, factories had to be redesigned from the ground up to provide for advances.

How it applies to the office

If you’ve been in your office for a while, then you’ve probably been annoyed at the layout or something else that feels small. Perhaps you have a faulty power outlet that everyone tries to use or maybe there’s a slight dip in the floor of your office that occasionally trips people up, causing a minor health and safety hazard. Whatever the problem is, the reason it’s happening is because offices are designed to be as multi-functional as possible, hence their vague layouts and designs that are suited for any kind of industry.

Chances are your workplace has probably been through a lot of wear and tear with previous occupants, and many of those issues were probably there in the past. But due to the nature of businesses, they move on and most likely didn’t bother to fix those issues.

Rebuilding your office for the future

If you plan to stay in your current office for a long time, then don’t neglect the importance of a good foundation. The idea of rebuilding your office from the ground up will probably put you off due to how expensive it sounds, but it’s essential if you want to ensure your staff are safe and that your business won’t experience a chaotic failure in the future.

For instance, one of the major problems for most workplaces is the absence of 3 phase power. Almost every business uses a lot of machines such as power tools, computers or servers. Without 3 phase power, you lose a lot of efficiency and you put your business at risk of power failures due to the amount of wattage being drawn from outlets. This isn’t a simple fix either but requires your workplace to be built from the ground up.

Similarly, internet access is another problem that some businesses suffer. If you’re stuck with slow speeds, then you’ll have to request a fiber connection to be routed from the main network to your building, and this can take a lot of tearing down walls and digging up the earth in order to accommodate it. Once that’s done, you’ll also need to worry about wiring network cables through the walls of your office if you make heavy use of the internet. Again, this isn’t a simple fix, but rather something that needs to be taken into consideration during the construction of the office.

As you can see, planning your office for the future will take a lot of contractor work. If you want to be in business for the long run and protect your assets, then consider renting a more modern office or investing in a refurbishment project to upgrade the technology and utilities in your workplace.

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