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Businesses are always on the lookout to increase productivity levels. When a firm’s output goes up, so do the sales and revenue streams. Quite simply, they have every right to try and reduce low output to make money. The problem is that companies focus on the wrong areas. For example, bosses obsess about employees browsing the internet instead of working. Yes, it is a problem, but it is insignificant in comparison with stress. Once you believe that pressure is one of the major reasons a business isn’t productive, you can make a change. Here are the modifications that will make all the difference.

Relax Deadlines

Every business has deadlines. However, bosses like to keep in front by pushing the workforce to the max even when they have plenty of time. They think it’s a smart way of always staying a step in front. The truth is that it can break workers because the workload becomes too much. Certain deadlines need to stay the same, but there are ones which can be relaxed. When an employee doesn’t have to watch the clock, they will work organically and to their full potential.

Take A Chill Pill

As the boss, you might lose your temper every now and again. In a lot of ways, this is an excellent tactic to keep people on their toes. They know that you’re not a pushover, so they always work to a high standard so as not to feel your wrath. If you do it all the time, the technique will backfire. Instead of wanting to work harder, the workforce will feel the pressure of the job on their shoulders. The walls will start to collapse and everything will get too much. In the end, they are more likely to buckle than to prosper.

Secure The Office

What could make a team of people nervous? How about a dodgy roof or loose wiring? These examples sound extreme, but they’re real instances of neglect in the workplace. The job of the boss is to keep your staff safe while they are at work. If you can’t, there is no way can expect them to produce a heap of quality work. Also, think about the way the overall environment suits their needs. Is the office like a prison cell, for example? Dull and dreary offices tend to make work less enjoyable. That is a problem as employees that aren’t motivated aren’t productive.


The main reason employees stress is because they worry about what the boss thinks. As the big dawg, you have lots of underlings that want to impress you at every turn. A decent manager should realize this fact and do something to ease the tension. A simple chat is all it takes to relieve a person’s fear as the right words put people at ease. Employees that don’t realize they are doing a good job tend to change for no reason, which could escalate the situation.

Monthly meetings are all it takes to put the fears to bed and turn them into super-confident workers.

Photo Credit: #WOCinTech Chat

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