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While some people are perfectly content with the 9 to 5 grind, some of us are seduced by the entrepreneurial bug. Starting your own business is the perfect way to create your own job without having to jump hoops for what can seem like thousands of interviews. If you’re and are ready for a change of pace, here are some small business ideas anyone can embark on.

If You’re the Manual Type

If you’re manual and like to get down and dirty, or if you’re simply not the cubicle type, then there are plenty of great business choices at your disposition.

Start a Renovation, Electric or Handyman Type of Business

While the DIY craze is all the rage right now, there are still plenty of people looking for a handyman for timely repair or renovations. If you’re a problem solver and like tinkering and fixing things, becoming a handyman of some sorts might be the best business idea.

However, starting a handyman type of business is not as simple as buying a pair of overalls and calling yourself one. Depending on which sector you choose, you might consider opting for a vocational degree.

You could also decide to form your own construction or demolition business. In this case, you could simply decide to work as a contractor and hire people to work for you. However, enrolling in a trade program or seeking an apprenticeship would be a step in the right direction.

If You’re a Green Thumb

If gardening is a passion of yours, there are plenty of areas where you can turn your hobby into a lucrative business. Here’s an idea you could consider:

Starting a Landscaping Business or Gardening Center

Landscaping is a great business choice if you enjoy working with your hands. And what’s even greater is that you don’t necessarily need to seek any type of formation to get started. Some services can be started with nothing but a few lawnmowers. To advertise your services, you could simply start going door to door and distributing flyers or set up a website and advertise it through Google or Facebook ads. LinkNow Media makes websites for landscapers that are not only affordable, but professional as well.

If You’re Good with Numbers

If you have a way with numbers and prefer office work, there are also plenty of great business ideas to choose from.

Start an Accounting Firm

If you’re good with numbers, you could always start your very own accounting firm. While the idea might seem daunting at first, starting an accounting firm is perfectly feasible if you start small. You could start offering tax services in your community and move your way up. You’ll of course need to have at least an accounting degree to get started and get a CPA license to offer accounting services.

Become a Financial Planner

Financial planning is a great business area you could consider as well. As a financial planner, you will be asked to provide advice on various financial instruments and tips on how to manage assets and portfolios. In this case, you’ll need to at least have a background in finance and get licensed to start practicing.


There is a world of possibilities out there for anyone who’s ready to get their nose dirty. Whether you’re the handyman type or prefer to work with numbers, make sure you take advantage of the opportunities that are open to you and make it happen.



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