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Five Of The Top Countries To Work In

Five Of The Top Countries To Work In photo credit: Igor Son

Working abroad could be one of the best decisions you make for your career. It can help you to extend your skills in many different ways, not to mention the experience you can get from working within a different culture. But many people can agree that deciding upon the country to work in could be quite difficult. How do you know what place would best suit your skills and your career path? As well as your personality and financial circumstances. Which is why I thought I would share with you five of the top countries you could consider working in for the future of your career.

Consider working in Switzerland

Switzerland is a mountainous Eastern European country that has for the last few years been ranked as one of the best countries to work in. It has been proven as a great all-round destination for a vibrant career abroad. The country provides excellent earning potential as well as one of the best work and life balances you can have. It certainly could be one of the best places to consider working in.

What about working in Germany?

Sticking with a European theme, Germany comes a close second to Switzerland as being a great place to work, as well as providing amazing earning potential. Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of rivers and forests. Germany is also seen as one of the best destinations to further advance your current skillset. There seems to be a high focus on personal development with some of the country’s largest corporations. It could be an excellent opportunity for anyone considering working abroad.

India is up and coming with technology industries

Let’s be honest here, it seems that so many large companies are taking their business to India, which could mean there is a huge potential to work and live there. Once you are a resident of India, you can also obtain a specific ID such as an eaadhar card that could help for further documentation within the workplace. If telecoms and technology are your chosen career path, then India could be the place to work.

Working in Hong Kong could be good for your career

If you want to further your career specifically, then Hong Kong could be the place to do it. However, big financial institutions like HSBC suggest that the quality of life may decrease, so it is important to choose between lifestyle or career when it comes to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is based in Southeastern China and is fast becoming a big entity when it comes to furthering your career and skills.

Why not think about working in the United Arab Emirates?

Finally, the United Arab Emirates could be a great place for you to choose to broaden your career path. It has certainly been ranked as one of the countries that has a mega earning potential. Not to mention the fantastic lifestyle element it could compensate. Based in the Middle-East it might provide a cultural experience not to forget.

I hope this has offered some inspiration on some countries to consider working in.



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