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Tech Trends That Will Change the Way We All Work
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April 13, 2018
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April 17, 2018

UrbanGeekz to host Signature Event #UGTechTalkz to celebrate Black & Latinx Innovators

Photo: UrbanGeekz CEO Kunbi Tinuoye (center) was honored with a Resolution from the Georgia Legislative for her work promoting Blacks in Tech at the inaugural Blacks in Tech Policy Conference 2017.

Off the heels of being officially recognized by the Georgia Legislative as a leading digital platform promoting Diversity in Tech in the news cycle, UrbanGeekz is gearing up for its upcoming Signature Event.

UG Tech Talkz: Where Media Meets Diversity in Tech to be held on the 26th of April, is a highly anticipated event to facilitate discussion around how best to promote tech inclusion through media coverage. The event will also be an opportunity to celebrate Black and Brown innovators.

“For three years we have been tirelessly working to create a unique platform that serves our readers, “ said UrbanGeekz founder and CEO Kunbi Tinuoye. “UG Tech Talkz is a celebration of our mission and continues dialogue around important issues. It’s also an opportunity to connect and engage with our audience.”

More specifically, organizers intend to use the media as a lever to make the connection between the success stories of diverse tech entrepreneurs.

“I believe that the media literally provides the context for the social conversations of our time,” said Quinetha Frasier, CEO of Social Impact Technology, who is moderating the fireside chat at #UGTechTalkz. “Unfortunately, the messages and images that fill our digital platforms, periodicals, and television screens create the norms and reality of what ‘Innovation in Technology’ looks like. I believe that this is the best time for media to take a more deliberate role in opening the minds of the stakeholders in the technology ecosystem to expect diverse leaders, across all tiers of leadership.”

Premium Networking Opportunities

The exclusive evening reception will also be an opportunity to meet the editorial team; mingle with key players in Atlanta’s tech, media, business, and startup ecosystem; and much more. The unique landscape of the conference will allow guests to foster professional growth in an intimate setting.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity for founders, investors, firms, and the movers and shakers to network and make deals in a safe space. Invited guests will be offered access to the Mixle app that allows attendees to interact and network in real-time. The mobile application is a unique way to enhance the event experience and facilitate professional connections.

“Mixle is an easy to use mobile app that enhances guest interaction and engagement by enabling more meaningful connections while providing brands and vendors with a unique way to reach their target audience,” said Adekunle Ayodele, CEO of Mixle. “Like-minded guests connect based on matching interests and engage with others in group chats. Mixle also enables connections on other levels and is a useful tool for vendors, event planners, and even allows guests to engage with speakers in real-time.”

Atlanta is fast becoming a thriving tech hub

The event takes place at Atlanta Tech Village, the fourth largest tech hub in the United States. The thriving entrepreneurial tech ecosystem is a perfect backdrop for the event.

The evening will kick off with a red carpet reception that presents the ideal atmosphere for connection and exhilaration. The soirée will serve as a celebratory springboard for the action-packed event.

“By celebrating and highlighting diverse innovators, we are able to bring awareness to those who are truly changing the cultural landscape of the tech industry as we know it,” said Keith Wilson, CEO of Kompass Events, who is one of the sponsors for the event. “As a society, we owe it to ourselves to push their stories to the mainstream as they provide positive reminders of what the value of diversity brings to the tech space.”

“Looking at the US’s history and what happens when stories aren’t told, if we do not celebrate Black and Latinx innovators now, we won’t have the momentum needed for 2042 when the bulk of our country will be Black and Latinx, ” said Jeffrey Martín, CEO of honorCode, who is one of the community partners for UG Tech Talkz. “Representation matters and media plays a vital role in getting our narratives out there to the masses. If we do not celebrate and build capacity for the innovators we have now, we will not be able to later.

The conference line-up

A high-powered leadership panel moderated by 11Alive anchor and reporter Natisha Lance will follow the reception. Panelists comprise Burunda Prince-Jones Managing Director, The Farm accelerator; Christian Zimmerman, Co-Founder & CEO of Qoins; Candace Mitchell, Co-founder/CEO of Techturized Inc.; and Amari Ruff, CEO at Sudu.

The highlight of the evening will be a motivational and inspirational fireside chat moderated by Quinetha Frasier, in conversation with UrbanGeekz founder and CEO Kunbi Tinuoye. The former BBC journalist turned techpreneur will provide insight into why she launched the brand along with her ambitious vision for the future.

Sponsors for the event comprise SalesLoft, Kompass, CalendlyGeekz Watch, HonorCode, MHR InternationalBevisible Latinx, and Social Impact Advisor. Media partners are Atlanta Tribune, ALYintheATL, and Black Enterprise, among others.

“We are passionate about building a diverse workplace where employees have professional development and growth and see their future selves growing here,” said: Christine Kaszubski, Chief People Officer of SalesLoft, who are sponsoring the UG Tech Talkz event. “It’s work that energizes you and gets you excited to come to work every morning, and where you can be your genuine self.  That’s the key to inclusion- knowing that who you are, just as you are, is welcomed and accepted. With this, diversity and inclusion are who we are, and is simply part of how we do business.”

 Following several requests from our readers, we are offering limited tickets here to our supporters on a first-come, first-served basis.