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Goodie Nation Announces Startups Selected for The Intentionally Good Project

Joey Womack, CEO of Goodie Nation

Social impact accelerator Goodie Nation has today announced the twelve startups that have won a spot on the inaugural The Intentionally Good Project. This new addition to the Atlanta startup ecosystem will accelerate the very best diverse-led and social impact companies toward rapid growth.

The selected teams were handpicked from 125 submissions, kicking off the newly minted initiative under the umbrella of Goodie Nation, in partnership with Collab, techPLUG, and VillageCapital. As UrbanGeekz previously reported, The Intentionally Good Project (IGP) is being fueled by a $100,000 Tech Done Right grant from the Kapor Center.

“These startups represent Atlanta’s best startups in terms of progress and potential – not just diverse-led or social impact startups – but best startups period,” said Joey Womack, CEO of Goodie Nation. “We look forward to rallying the country’s startup, corporate, social impact, and entertainment communities to make sure these startups get the resources they need. This is how tech is done right.”


The Intentionally Good Project Cohort 1 Fall 2019

The Intentionally Good Project Cohort 1 Fall 2019

The selected companies in the Fall 2019 cohort are:

Aquagenuity: helps consumers, corporations and smart cities answer the question, “What’s In Your Water?” in real-time using big data, proprietary algorithms, and patented sensors and water monitoring technology.

Citiri: develops a SaaS that allows airports to simplify operational readiness of new construction in a systematic and repeatable way.

Civic Dinners: We bring people together for conversations that matter.

Countalytics: an inventory management company that allows companies to count inventory using our proprietary, easy to use mobile application, eliminating the need for manual inventory counting. “If you can take a picture of it, we can count it.”

Empowrd: A set of technology offerings that work together to democratize impactful advocacy for individuals, elected leaders, and organizations by creating an ecosystem where all parties come together to connect, collaborate, and campaign on the causes

Hawque is a socially driven, technology startup that deploys physical security resources to communities, businesses and individuals.

Make Music Count: We eliminate students math phobia by teaching them how to play popular songs on the piano through direct math application.

Partnr: Taking software development teams to the next level with powerful developer contribution, code quality, and project progression analytics in one easy to use platform.

Speakalytics: decreases time to sale by extracting relevant content and emotion from customer interactions

Tenscores: Automate Google Ads for small and medium businesses.

Unboxt: data analytics company that helps corporations visualize how their corporate cultures affect the employee experience. Uplift: help people overcome depression with our interactive program

Uplift: help people overcome depression with our interactive program.

Now the real work begins, a 90-day process where companies receive advice, hands-on training, and tailored engagements to be successful, scalable brands in the marketplace. The end goal is for them to become strategic partner and investment-ready.

Another bonus is founders will be assessed and educated through Village Capital’s award-winning Venture Investment Readiness & Awareness Levels (VIRAL) curriculum. They will have access to vetted partners and mentors who will provide assessments and help startups set and track milestones. However, perhaps unique to this program, founders will also sit in the investor’s seat themselves – at least temporarily – to learn how to evaluate startups from that angle. Sessions will take place in-person or through video.

“These startups represent of Atlanta’s best startups in terms of progress and potential – not just diverse-led or social impact startups – but best startups period,”

That’s just the beginning. And at this point, startups have to make the required progress to move on. The second half of the program dives deep into meeting the people who will put them on the map. This includes lucrative face time with transplants from tech hubs such as NYC, Silicon Valley, and Boston, as well as influential native Atlantans. According to IGP, this will open doors to connections that have been traditionally out of reach for many diverse-led enterprises. Founders are expected to build a repertoire and reveal progress along the way.

While all this may sound strenuous, IGP will provide additional support through shared mental health challenges. key to inside and outside development, four Failed Founder Fellows will be on hand to assist with providing startups with advice as well as support in logistical tasks like event planning, marketing, data collection, and research.

Founders should then feel well-prepared to land paid pilots with large companies, endorsements from influencers, and sources of capital through warm leads.

The Intentionally Good Project is not only vying for increased inclusion and representation, but it’s also creating an environment where all people and organizations are critically extending their resources and knowledge so that the highest potential startups don’t fail.



    Carlyn Pounders
    Carlyn Pounders
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