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Sports Personalities Create Real Estate Firm Targeting Athletes

Basketball legend Lisa Leslie has teamed up with high-end real estate firm Aston Rose.

The ultra-luxury firm is co-founded by former sports professionals. The likes of sports analyst Rod Watson, Rod Hite, who played for the Miami Heat; Tomi Rose, wife of Miami Heat alumnus Mark Strickland, and WNBA legend Lisa Leslie.

The talented roster has pulled their resources together by “connecting the dots for these athletes and entertainers, helping them understand what are some good investments and what are not, some pitfalls on things they should avoid, and figuring out how we can create general wealth.”

On March 17, the real estate firm made its debut in the markets covering California and Florida. Since its unveiling, the company has been able to successfully accumulate more than $500 million in combined real estate transactions.

Leslie, who’s very much familiar with being on a higher end of the tax bracket, understands the importance of investing money in the Black community with a similar pedigree.

“I’ve been there,” she said. “I’m a professional athlete who’s had experience making money, and sometimes, especially in the African-American community, we [athletes] are the first to earn millions of dollars” in the family.

She added, “We understand that many African American and minority athletes are making money for the first time. Unfortunately, so many of those athletes fall into the trap of it being about things that don’t appreciate in value for them; our firm is changing that.”

Hite expressed that it’s still vital for Black athletes to understand the ins and outs of financial literacy. “A lot of these celebrities and athletes, they don’t really get represented right,” he said. “Most of the time we [athletes] don’t come from money, so we don’t really understand how to make that money work and protect that money.”

With all the partners having an athletic background, Aston Rose’s slogan stands on “By pros for pros” for high-end professionals not fully versed in the long-term benefits of real estate.

“We have a diverse group of people on our executive team. The mission of Aston Rose is to be the most inclusive and diverse luxury real estate company in the world. Aston Rose welcomes clients, agents, and executives of all ages, cultures, and sexual orientations,” Tomi Rose said.

Main Image: Lisa Leslie speaking at the 2015 School Choice Week rally at the Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix, Arizona. Photographer Gage Skidmore



    Emil Flemmon
    Emil Flemmon
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