July 1, 2019
Ruha Benjamin, associate professor of African American studies at Princeton University

Ruha Benjamin Talks how the Design of Technology can be Discriminatory

Ruha Benjamin is an associate professor of African American studies at Princeton University, and lectures around the intersection of race, justice, and technology. She founded the […]
June 6, 2017
#WOCinTech Chat: Need Your Website to Bring In More Money? Try These Tips

How to Recover Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EаѕеUS Dаtа Rесоvеrу Wіzаrd Frее is a ѕесurе аnd еffесtіvе dаtа rесоvеrу tооl, which рrоvіdеѕ уоu wіth a superior dаtа rесоvеrу еxреrіеnсе. With EаѕеUS dеlеtеd fіlе […]
April 15, 2017
Revealed: Software Developers Are Essential And Here’s Why #wocintechchat

Tech Troubles, And How To Overcome Them

In today’s world, we all know that certain pieces of technology are absolutely necessary for running a successful business. Although modern technology should offer you tools […]
March 29, 2017
Help... I Don't Understand! Your Internet Services Jargon Buster wocintech

Stop! What Not to Do if You Need to Recover Data

You were having a great day at work and then all of a sudden it happened. You lost access to your company’s data. Data that you’re […]