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Egami Consulting Group: Award-Winning Marketing Team flying into Atlanta to help Entrepreneurs

CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Egami Teneshia Jackson Warner

CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Egami Teneshia Jackson Warner

Teneshia Jackson Warner is a purpose-inspired entrepreneur.

At the helm of one of the most successful multicultural marketing firms, the Alabama native is fiercely ambitious yet combines astute business acumen with an intense passion to serve.

Following a stint with tech giant IBM, Warner muscled her way into the entertainment industry as a fresh-faced mentee for hip-hop business magnet Russell Simmons. For five years under his leadership, she gained invaluable experience as General Manager of Rush Communications.

Great brands have purpose and are intentional

Inspired by Simmons, Warner pursued her entrepreneurial dream and founded her own marketing company, Egami Consulting Group in 2004, still under Rush Communications, who later became her first client. Egami means “image” backwards and sums up Warner’s audacious vision to cultivate premium brands not just for herself but also corporate clients.

“A brand is essentially a person’s gut feeling about an individual product, service or company,” says Warner, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Egami and business author.“It’s not what you say it is; it’s what they say it is. Your brand really lives in the life of individuals that experience you, your consumers that you’re serving.

“It’s your reputation; it’s your every interaction that you deliver. Great brands have purpose. Great brands are intentional and great brands live it consistently and persistently.”

Since its inception, Warner has spearheaded Egami from a dream concept to a thriving multi-million dollar business. Today the New York-based NMSDC and WBENC certified minority marketing firm boasts an impressive portfolio of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients, with big players such as Procter and Gamble, Western Union and Target, working closely with the award-winning marketing firm.

The size of your dream should scare you

Under Warner’s leadership the women-led company connects corporate brands with urban and multicultural consumers (who will be the new majority by 2040) through innovative and multifaceted marketing strategies. Egami has a strategic partnership with the world’s third largest communications firm MSL Group, and acts as their exclusive diversity marketing partner.

“The size of your dream should scare you,” said Warner. “If you can see it then you’re not dreaming big enough.”

Three years ago Warner says she felt called to broaden the scope of Egami. The Alabama A&M graduate started exploring options to support budding entrepreneurs and small business owners that ordinarily may not have the means to utilize her team’s expertise.

What followed was The Dream Project Symposium, an annual conference that equips active and aspiring entrepreneurs with invaluable insights and opportunities to bring their dreams to life.

Play like the big boys without spending like the big boys

Warner and the Egami team have taken the concept one step further. The marketing gurus are flying into Atlanta for The Stretch, an intensive two-day mastermind, June 12-13, 2015, with a small group of select entrepreneurs designed to propel and “stretch” businesses to the next level.

This is not a substitute for The Dream Project, says Warner, but for entrepreneurs and small business owners who “need additional support, accountability, community and one-on-one time.”

The hands-on, interactive event comprises of jam-packed tailored training sessions and structured tutorials, teaching participants how to create viable brands and apply strategies to stretch their companies to new heights.

“We’re going to be working with a small number of businesses, no more than 21 business owners. The intention is that we’ll provide them with brand strategies that are applied day-to-day from Fortune 500 companies, strategies that we implement with our larger accounts. We want to make sure you’re able to apply these strategies on a budget. Play like the big boys without spending like the big boys.”

Warner has high expectations for The Stretch participants. “You’ll walk away with a brand that you understand and brand that’re ready for the marketplace. You’ll really have a clear understanding of what your brand story is, how to tell it, and how to sell it.”

“You’ll understand who your ideal market is, how to find them and how to sell to them. Systems and processes you need to put in place so that when clients come in you can handle it. And then providing tools, resources and templates.”

“The Stretch is about growing your brand and business beyond what you thought you were capable of and creating a purpose-inspired and profitable business venture,” says award-winning media strategist on The Dream Project website. “The Stretch is a call for action for you to take a unique journey to become the most powerful version of yourself.”

For more information about The Stretch (June 12-13, 2015, in Atlanta) and details on attending this 2-Day Mastermind click on the link here.

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    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
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