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Coding Careers Fair Supports Girls in Tech

Coding Career Fair supports Girls in Tech

Coding Career Fair supports Girls in Tech

A career fair exclusively for developers and technologists is taking place at Atlanta Tech Village later this month. CAREERxCHANGE, which runs on May 31, is a uniquely tailored forum for job seekers looking to break into the tech scene in and around Atlanta.

This first-of-its-kind Employment Expo at the Southeast’s largest technology hub is open to students and graduates from all types of coding schools, from online programs, in-person courses, and a full-time or part-time boot camps.

More than 50 employers actively seeking out prospective new hires, from website development to digital marketing, will be in attendance. At least 200 students and alumni from local and nationwide schools are expected to attend.

“CAREERxCHANGE is an incredible opportunity to connect startups with code school students and alumni from all across Atlanta,” said Karen Houghton, director of Atlanta Tech Village. “Solid developers are in great demand and bringing them all together in one talent pool is unprecedented.”

Sponsored by Atlanta Tech Village and BootcampXchange, in partnership with DigitalCrafts, General Assembly, Tech Talent South, and The Iron Yard, organizers will generously donate all the proceeds from the career expo to Band of Coders: Girls Academy.

The event is a unique chance for tech firms to meet with and screen qualified applicants. It’s also an unprecedented opportunity for talent who are actively looking to find a career in technology sector. By benefiting Band of Coders: Girls Academy, BootcampXchange, and Atlanta Tech Village are ensuring that Atlanta will continue to have a diverse tech workforce.

Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta Tech Village

“Atlanta Tech Village is thrilled to be hosting this event in partnership with DigitalCrafts to support the community,” adds Houghton. “In addition, all the vendor table sales go directly to supporting Band of Coders: Girls Academy – a social enterprise dedicated to redefining how girls interact with technology by empowering girls through coding, collaboration, and women leadership. It is a great opportunity to pay it forward and come alongside future entrepreneurs.”

Girls Academy is the brainchild of  Bobby John, the founder of Band of Coders, an international software development company located in Atlanta. Girls Academy, which launched in 2014, has already taught over 370 middle school girls and offers summer camps, workshops, and school programs to Atlanta and neighboring areas.

“BootcampXchange is on a mission to serve as the global marketplace for code school students and employers increasing all students’ opportunity to connect with leading companies while also serving the boot camp industry’s overall goal of successful job placement,” said Jake Hadden, co-founder of DigitalCrafts and BootcampXchange.

“The coding boot camp industry has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of the tech community, but we still have a long way to go to ensure this educational model serves its purpose to everyone involved.”

Indeed, the National Center for Women & Information Technology has reported that only 25 percent of the computing workforce comprised of women in 2015. On average, women make up only 30 percent of all jobs in big tech firms such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Of these companies, women hold less than 16 percent of the technology related jobs.

Band of Coders: Girls Academy wants to change that. They work to introduce girls, aged 9­-13, to the world of technology and coding with the hope of stirring interests. The girls brainstorm mobile application ideas and work in teams to bring their ideas to life. Through wireframes, prototyping on paper, and building out their mobile app in scratch the girls experience the cycle of product development.

At the end of the program, the girls pitch their ideas to a group of their peers, parents, and teachers. The Girls Academy also invites women in the Atlanta technology scene as guest speakers helping to educate the girls in all the different tech­related careers that are available.

Employers interested in coming on board to access high-quality talent and/or benefit from sponsorship opportunities should email Jake Hadden at jake@digitalcrafts.com. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early for 6pm to 8pm event which is free to the public.

BootcampXchange is the world’s first and only exclusive marketplace where code schoolers and employers can connect…for free! The goal for BootcampXchange is to serve as a nation­wide marketplace exclusively for code schoolers increasing their opportunity to connect with employers while also serving the Bootcamps’ overall goal of successful job placement.

Atlanta Tech Village is building a thriving ecosystem in the tech community. Our mission is to support and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas and capital. Together, we will fuel Atlanta’s rise to a top five tech startup center in the U.S.

Coding Careers Fair Supports Girls in Tech

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