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3 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing


It’s 2016 now, and if your business venture doesn’t use any digital marketing then this needs to change. The modern influence of digital marketing is more far-reaching than ever, and if you’re not taking advantage of what it has to offer you’ll quickly fall behind the competition. Lately, I’ve come to notice a few common misconceptions surrounding digital marketing. Here are some of the most prevalent.digital marketing: Pure-mathematics-formulæ-blackboard

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A lot of business owners recognise the benefits of digital marketing well enough but think that the whole subject is too vast for them to understand. True, if you’re inexperienced it can be a daunting task to have to allocate your budget to different things. However, with a little research into your specific niche, distributing your war chest becomes a lot more straightforward. One big rule is that B2C firms should lean more towards social media compared to SEO. Generally, PPC campaigns should be an auxiliary move rather than the core of your marketing. These are just a couple of the conventions that make up the world of digital marketing. You may not know that much now, but it doesn’t take long to understand some of the key principles.chess-board-digital-marketing

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Another misconception among some business owners is that their competitors have so much money at their disposal that there’s barely any point in them trying to compete with their marketing drives. I’m not suggesting you try to compete! Using the right digital marketing techniques, you’ll begin to seize a share of your market which some of your larger competitors haven’t touched. Guest blogging, localised SEO and other tactics can all be brilliant for getting your company seen by your target market. Just make sure you’re using the channels which none of the big names are. Keep up with industry trends, but put some work into differentiating yourself from the mainstream, and establishing yourself as a thought leader. Digital marketing is more about carving out your own niche than trying to beat the competition at their own game.

Once getting started in digital marketing, a lot of business owners will have a look at their web traffic, and feel very disheartened by how little they’re getting. Okay, traffic does have its benefits. However, low website traffic isn’t the end of the world. First of all, the relevancy of website traffic is often much more important than raw numbers. You could be getting millions of visitors to your website, all from users who aren’t interested in your product. Similarly, some businesses have such well-targeted marketing campaigns that their conversion rates are through the roof, despite traffic being low. It’s not the number of people visiting your site, it’s the amount of interest in the person. Don’t get into a panic over your low traffic rates; there’s so much more to good digital marketing.

There you have just three of the most common misconceptions about digital marketing. While it’s true that digital marketing has a lot of different facets to it, it’s easier to gain a good understanding of than you might think!

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    Kunbi Tinuoye
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