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Common Work-Related Injuries To Watch Out For

If your business doesn’t take adequate measures to ensure your safety, you could get seriously injured. Unfortunately, this isn’t as rare an occurrence as we’d all like it to be. Injuries at work happen all the time and for varying different reasons. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the most common examples of work-related injuries.

One of the less prominent injuries, but one that causes long-term effects, is repetitive strain. This is caused by doing the same activity over and over again. The repetitive nature puts a strain on certain parts of the body, eventually causing injury. It’s the sort of thing that many employees won’t even mention, and businesses won’t think about. It can be easily remedied, though, simply with a change of equipment. If it isn’t, it can cause long-term injuries as time goes on.

Another common one that is easily fixed is overexertion. Businesses often pile on the pressure at certain times of the year, making tasks feel overwhelming to workers. As they don’t want to ruin their reputations, employees will take on that extra work and suffer from exhaustion. This can result in any number of injuries, time off and lots of stress. Again, this is an issue that many employees don’t talk to their employers about.

Businesses need to implement Health & Safety procedures

Then, we get to the more obvious injuries. According to the OSHA statistics of the fiscal year 2011, fall protection had the most safety violations. This relates to a number of different scenarios. For example, it can mean falling to lower levels such as tumbling off a staircase, or just slipping on the floor. Businesses can combat against this easily by taking extra care. Any spillages should be noted instantly so they can be cleaned to protect against injury. Dangerous staircases and elevated platforms should be checked regularly, too.  As an employee, if you get injured this way, you can seek help from a slip and fall lawyer. If your employer has neglected your safety to this degree, you should be able to get some kind of compensation.

Being struck by objects is another type of injury that isn’t uncommon in the workplace. No, I don’t mean people throwing things at each other (although assaults can even be common!). By this, I mean objects falling from a tall height onto people, or being dropped accidentally by someone else. It can also occur when someone walks into something that has been placed awkwardly and has become a hazard.

There are other examples too, including electrical wiring issues, driver crashes, and factory-based crushes. At the end of the day, workplace injuries aren’t going away anytime soon. However, as business owners and employees, we need to start acting more carefully to ensure they aren’t as common. Businesses need to implement extensive health and safety procedures to protect themselves and employees. Workers also need to be aware of the dangers of the workplace and take actions if a lack of precaution leads to an injury. Hopefully, in years to come, we won’t be talking about worker injuries on the same scale as we do today.



    UrbanGeekz Staff
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