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4 Awesome Ways To Use Tech In Your Restaurant Or Cafe

4 Awesome Ways To Use Tech In Your Restaurant Or Cafe

Technology isn’t just for in the home and offices. It actually fits right into busy restaurants and cafes too. Not only will it make your life easier but it will make your customers’ visits that little bit more stress free. And the best thing is, it is relatively easy to implement. You don’t need to completely overhaul your interiors. All you need to do is buy some new devices or download some apps. Ready to move your eatery well into the 21st century? Here are four useful tips.


POS means point of sale. You might have also heard them called POP (point of purchase). There are no excuses in this day and age; every cafe and restaurant need one of these handy devices in a portable form! When portable, a quick POS systems makes payment efficient for you and your customer. They can stay at their table while you bring the device to them. That way, they don’t have to disrupt service by walking through the place to get to a till. And it means your staff can easily take payment while clearing the table.

Ditch The Paper

Do your kitchen staff moan about all the paper checks they have to deal with? When waiters and waitresses write down orders on paper, they can easily go missing or be overlooked by the kitchen staff. And that will lead to grumpy customers! However, that can all change. There are many hand-held devices that your service staff can take orders on. Then, with a click of a button, the order will be electronically sent to the kitchen. Taking orders has never been so easy!4 Awesome Ways To Use Tech In Your Restaurant Or Cafe

Sign Up To Foursquare

There are some apps and websites that let customers check in to tell all their friends where they are. One of those is Foursquare. One of the great things about Foursquare is that your customers can leave reviews or your cafe or restaurant. If they love it, then their friends will instantly know. And there is no better marketing than positive reviews! There is one downside to this, though – negative reviews. But if you respond to them on the site, and ensure your customers it was a one-off, then other potential customers won’t be put off too much.

Put Your Menus Online

If potential customers aren’t too sure what kind of food you serve, they may be put off from visiting your establishment. Luckily, there is one easy way you can dispel any of their doubts. All you need to do is put your menu up on your website. That way, they can check it from the comfort of their very own home. It doesn’t have to be a complete menu; just a sample should do. As long as it whets people’s appetites! This is also a great way of letting people with special diets know that you cater to them. So if you offer gluten-free or dairy-free meals, make sure you mention it online!
Hopefully, this blog post helps your eatery stay ahead of the tech curve!

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