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July 14, 2016
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A Beginner’s Guide To Data Storage For Businesses

A Beginner's Guide To Data Storage For Businesses

No matter how big a business is, it will generate data. This can include all sorts of things, from transaction records to employee work.

All of your business data needs to be stored somewhere, and it has to be secure. Before computers were invented, companies would store everything in filing cabinets. There would often be rooms filled with filing cabinets that were locked up and secured behind a locked door.

Nowadays, technology has advanced so much. Rarely will companies store lots of data on paper, in filing cabinets? Everything is done using computers and technology. This guide will be aimed at helping you understand more about data storage for businesses. What are the best options, and why is it important?

Follow the rest of the guide down below:A Beginner's Guide To Data Storage For Businesses


Storage Options

Business owners will have numerous storage options when it comes to their precious data. At the forefront of things is cloud storage. This allows you to keep everything online and backed up in a safe and secure place. There are loads of cloud storage options out there too, one of the most well-known is IBM. The good thing about the cloud is that it’s easy to manage, and there’s easy access to instant support from providers

Another option is to store things on an external drive. For small businesses, this can be as simple as using an external hard drive attached to your computer. It can fit in your pocket and backup all your data securely. For larger ones, you could have a physical data server/center in your office. You’ll have a large server that is connected to every computer and holds all the data. Companies like Netapp provide various products like this. The great thing is, there’s plenty of Netapp support out there, to help you set up and manage your systems. With a data storage option like this, all of your information is secured safely.

The final option is to have a hybrid version of the two. You get a data server, but it also backs things up to the cloud. So, you get the best of both worlds. This is ideal for big businesses that can afford it.A Beginner's Guide To Data Storage For Businesses


Importance Of Secure Data Storage

Having secure data storage is important because it means your sensitive information is safe. This keeps it away from prying eyes and competitors. If someone gets their hands on your data, they may use it against you. Plus, using modern storage methods makes it easier to recover any lost information. And, you can search for things much easier than trawling through files and cabinets.

Without proper data storage, your business will be far less organized. And, you run the risk of losing important pieces of work and information. Keep your company secure and ensure you have the best storage option for you. Weigh up the pros and cons of the ones I’ve mentioned above, before deciding on the best one for your business. It’s smart to invest in the best data storage possible, as it can save you money in the future. 

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    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
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