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August 8, 2016
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8 African-American Tech Journalists You Should Know

So you’re trying to get press and media coverage to create a buzz around your tech startup. You’ve developed a truly innovative product and now you want others to notice your company, especially investors and of course potential customers. Getting media coverage is one of the best ways to promote (for free) your firm. So I’ve put together a list of 8 well-respected tech writers you should know about and pitch ideas.

Still, you’ll need to research their areas of expertise before approaching any of these reporters. Keep in mind that in addition to reaching out to these writers, also engage with them through their outlet’s comments pages and their social media platforms, offering feedback and support.

The truth is, back in the day when I was on staff at PC World and later Silicon Valley Business Times (formerly San Jose Business Journal), I recall working on staff with only a handful of other African-American writers. However, with many minorities in tech doing great things it stands to reason that black American tech bloggers and journalists are making their mark.

With that being said, this certainly isn’t a definitive list— there are many other noteworthy African-American technology journalists. So feel free to add to the list on our comments page.

1. Megan Rose Dickey

Megan is a reporter at TechCrunch focused on diversity, inclusion, belonging and social impact in the tech industry. She previously spent two years at Business Insider covering tech startups focused on the shared economy, IoT, and music industry. Contact Megan here: or follow on Twitter: @meganrosedickey


Megan Rose Dickey interviewing Porter Braswell the Co-Founder & CEO of Jopwell

2. Greg Greenlee

Greg Greenlee is the founder and owner of Blacks In Technology, a digital platform and podcast focused on creating a community in which African Americans are comfortable, motivated and inspired to pursue careers in Technology. Its aim is to deliver relevant and beneficial information and networks for black  Americans in the tech field or pursuing a career in Technology.

3. Alan Henry

Alan is editor-in-chief at LifeHacker, a writer, gamer, and cross-platform kind of guy. Alan owns ClassyGeek, Gears & Widgets, Tech TV Forever, and contributes to, ExtremeTech, PCMag, AppScout, Productopia, and Tom’s Guide.Reach out to Alan at or @halophoenix

8 African-American Tech Journalists You Should Know

Alan Henry editor-in-chief at LifeHacker

4. Samara Lynn

Samara is the Technology Editor at Black Enterprise. She writes about the latest innovations in technology headed by African American business owners and company founders. Follow Samara here @samaralynn


5. Julian Mitchell

Julian writes about all types of disruptive entrepreneurs and startups redesigning industries. He is an award-winning content creator with a passion for adding his perspective to topics in music, media, and entertainment. Contact Julian via Forbes.


6. Kunbi Tinuoye

Kunbi is the founder of UrbanGeekz, an emerging digital news platform focused on tech, business, science, and startups. Kunbi is a versatile journalist who pens everything from startup founder profiles to articles on diversity in the technology industry. The former BBC journalist is also a proficient video editor. Follow Kunbi on Twitter @Kunbiti

8 African-American Tech Journalists You Should Know

UrbanGeekz home page

7. Jenna Wortham

Jenna is a technology reporter and columnist for The New York Times who covers start-ups and digital culture. Her stories focus on novel ways consumers are using technology to enhance their daily lives along with emerging Internet-based business models and the personalities shaping the start-up industry. Follow Jenna at @jennydeluxe


8. Terrance Gaines

Terrance is the founder of Brotha Tech, a technology blog, and brand that provides technology news, reviews, tips and tricks to readers interested in getting the most out of technology. His blog has earned various awards, including the Small Biz Influencer Awards in 2011 and 2012 and Best Science and Technology Video Blog at the Black Weblog Awards in 2013. You can contact Terrance via Twitter here: @BrothaTech

Main Image: Megan Rose Dickey

Lori Shepherd is the founder of 25SecondsPR where she manages small to large PR campaigns for digital, technology, and nonprofits worldwide. Her company is based in Oakland, California. She spent 15+ years as an in-house PR professional working for Silicon Valley technology companies including Hewlett Packard, Intuitive Surgical, and Guide by Cell. After forming her company, she has worked on the accounts of brands including Blitzify, FMSI,, SkyChildCare, Nobody Cares Go Harder, the Points of Light Foundation, the Association of Women In Science, Local Futures, PrivacyAtlas, and numerous others. 

Follow Lori Shepherd on Twitter @Lorulei and @25Secondspr





    Lori Shepherd
    Lori Shepherd
    Lori Shepherd is a contributor for UrbanGeekz. She is also the founder of 25SecondsPR where she manages small to large PR campaigns for digital, technology, and nonprofits worldwide.