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The Trick To Getting Your Product Ready To Hit Store Shelves

The Trick To Getting Your Product Ready To Hit Store Shelves

It’s the dream of every entrepreneur dealing with products. To see their work on aisles across the country or even the world. However, it’s not always the case where someone ‘witnesses your genius’ and turns you into a house brand overnight. Instead, it takes work. It takes investment, a keen mind and a sharp tongue. As well as having a few tricks up your sleeve. We’ll be looking at those now.

The Trick To Getting Your Product Ready To Hit Store ShelvesImage Source

Keep on testing

The first thing you should do is keep doing what you were doing. That is, testing your product. You might have gotten to the point where you’re satisfied and ready to start production in full. But that’s not enough. You want your product to be more impressive, more well-received than it was last month. You never know what might be the tipping point of the next retailer you meet. This means taking the product on the road and continuously improving.

Have a brand ready to go

You want your local retailers to sell your product? Then make it even easier to sell. Besides developing it further, the brand is the way to do that. Your brand is the shorthand way of telling your story. Of saying what your company and your product has to offer in the quickest, most effective way possible. Don’t approach retailers without having an idea of how you’re doing to brand your product. Sites like Managementhelp.org can help you better find your brand.

Be aggressive

You also have to be ready to throw yourself out there. To catch attention and put your hopes on it. There’s little better representation for this tactic than 11-year old Mikaila Ulmer. Her devotion to her lemonade has turned into a real life regional product. With aims of going national. This means taking yourself to retailers, being willing to speak to them in their shops, on the road, wherever. You don’t get if you don’t ask, so never stop asking.

Know everything you need to say

That doesn’t mean going in without knowing what to say, either. You need to have a pitch ready. This includes an idea of the brand. You need to have testimonials and data from earlier tests. Be able to answer and tell them what’s in it for them. Do your best to relieve their sense of risk in taking your product on. Know as much as you can about your product and market, but don’t contradict them. If they say that so-and-so isn’t working as well as you think it is, assume they have the experience to know what they’re talking about. Even if you know you’re wrong. You’re not trying to prove them wrong, you’re trying to win them over.

The Trick To Getting Your Product Ready To Hit Store Shelves

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Aesthetics matter

It’s part of the branding, but it’s a part that you had best get physically designed for you. You can find ways to create packaging for your products at SinowayPouchStation.com and similar sites. Having a great looking product makes it a lot easier for retailers to see how it will look on their store shelves. Aesthetics is a big part of production so don’t ignore it.

Hopefully, you should already be able to see how your products can come through each of the steps mentioned above. Once you get those retailers on your side, you have the opportunity to really hit the market running.

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