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LoveRealm: New Social Networking App to Connect Christians and Uplift Users

LoveRealm: New Social Networking App to Connect Christians and Promote Positive Values

A social networking app that connects Christians across the globe has officially launched today.

Created in response to a growing need for safe and more respectable online forums, LoveRealm enables users to engage in an environment that reflects their beliefs and lifestyle.

It is the only social network service with a built-in monitoring system. Profanity is banned and the newsfeed is designed to show content relevant to users’ specific spiritual needs.

The faith-based social platform also offers an optional component that few can match: the ability to pair mentors with users. This mentoring component provides an opportunity for users to study and learn together, by building a bond over scripture and Bible lessons.

Theologians are encouraged to volunteer as mentors and create Bible circles within a small group or among larger, international groups. Whatever the size of the receptive circles, the creators say LoveRealm is an invaluable resource to increase faith, particularly during times of great doubt and difficulty.

LoveRealm: New Social Networking App to Connect Christians and Promote Positive ValuesThe concept comes straight out of Ghana. The co-founders are three brothers who are all medical doctors: triplets – Dr. Yaw Ansong, Jnr., Dr. Ansong Jnr., and Yaw Ansong, Snr.

“As Christians we wanted a fun environment to express our faith without being pious or preachy and at the same without having to confront nudity and profanity,” said Dr. Yaw Ansong, Jnr.

“What we created lets everyone social network in a protected space while being accepting of all races, genders, sexual preferences. If you’re a believer and want to spend your social networking time engaging with other Christians then LoveRealm’s the place.”

The brothers say they want to develop a social networking space for the public where Christianity is the focus within a safe and receptive community of believers. With more than 50,000 users amassed in less than 12 months during the beta phase, LoveRealm may very well become the de facto platform for church congregations, choir groups, international Bible study circles, pastors, and other Christians to engage.

LoveRealm is the world's only mentoring-focused Christian social networking platform

LoveRealm is the world’s only mentoring-focused Christian social networking platform

As with other social networking platforms such as Facebook, LoveRealm delivers a similar environment where photos are shared, events boldly promoted, and videos exchanged, as well as many other engaging social networking.

Still, unlike Facebook and other popular platforms, the built-in monitoring algorithm blocks unacceptable content and images unsuitable for families and children, freeing parents to allow the entire family to communicate in a safe online space.

The Ansong brothers represent a growing technological revolution underway across Africa that is generating innovative ideas and business solutions.

LoveRealm is available for free download on Google Play. Its iOS version is scheduled for release in December. For details, visit the website here.

Main Image: Two of the Ansong brothers

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