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Here’s Why Your Retail Store Is Always Empty

Here's Why Your Retail Store Is Always Empty

Retail is getting harder and harder to sustain for those who insist on operating a physical store. While eCommerce continues to flourish, the idea of actually going to a store and buying something is becoming an afterthought. But, don’t give up just yet. There are still many stores that make a tidy profit from in-store retail sales, so they’re obviously doing something right. If your store is consistently empty and you’re ready to throw in the towel, we’ve got just the tips for you.

Your Lighting Is Wrong

The way in which you light your retail store will have a great effect on how it’s perceived. A poor lighting setup can make it appear like it’s closed, or even worse — like it doesn’t exist. The moment people start walking past the door and not realizing they’re passing a business, you know you’ve done something wrong. Consider brightness, temperature and color schemes when choosing your lighting.

It Looks Dirty

Would you want to walk into a retail store that looked dirty and unpresentable? Of course, you wouldn’t. Unfortunately, there are plenty of stores that don’t seem to take this into account, failing to tidy up after themselves. In some cases, clean stores can still give off a dirty vibe due to the way they’re presented. The cost of a smart-looking welcome mat from Matshop might be all it takes to make a better impression. Or, changing up the signage outside might be a task worth considering.

The Door Isn’t Open

When you work in retail, it can feel like a real chore to keep the door open all the time. It lets all the cold in, and it seems needless when people can open it at their leisure. But, an open door is an inviting offering to passers-by. It has long been suggested that this tactic makes a substantial difference, so it’s worth a try.

Here's Why Your Retail Store Is Always Empty


It’s All About Product Display

Make no mistake about it; product display is the most important part of enticing passing people into your store. If your products and services aren’t displayed in a way that is perceived as enticing, you won’t get the attention you desire. So, don’t be afraid to tinker with your setup and analyze how well each setup performs.

You’re Not Drawing People In

You can’t just sit behind the desk all day and hope for customers to barge through the door. You need to be proactive, so getting involved in marketing is very important. If you’re not on social media already, why aren’t you?! Paid promotion techniques and in-store competitions might just be what you need to get more bodies in your store.

You Chose The Wrong Location

When choosing a retail store location, it’s about trying to find the balance between location and price. But, if you swing too far one way, you’re going to suffer with the other. Unfortunately, if you’ve chosen a bad location, you might want to reconsider when the lease expires. Otherwise, you’re going to have a particularly tough task on your hands.

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