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October 25, 2016
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Black American Startup Travels to Nigeria to Finalize Launch of Multimedia Tech Products

U.S. Startup Travels to Nigeria to Finalize Launch of Multimedia Tech Products

An African-American-led startup is flying out to Nigeria to finalize negotiations to roll-out innovative tech products and services across Africa’s most populous nation.

The Aevolve Inc. management team is traveling this week to Nigeria for meetings to solidify business deals associated with a dynamic new television channel, along with other tech products. The two-week trip includes scheduled appointments with investors, business partners, and dignitaries, including former state governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

Once Nigeria is up and running, the Atlanta-based tech company is poised to soft launch MYATV Broadcasting Network before officially launching in the first quarter of next year. This coincides with Nigeria’s switch from analog to digital broadcasting that will provide opportunities for products and services associated with the new digital technology.

Dr. Les Snead, the CEO of Aevolve Inc., says his firm is planning to partner with and support the Nigerian government leading up to and after the ‘Digital Switchover’ deadline of June 20, 2017.

MYATV is extremely committed to creating opportunities to excite and empower the consumers with our free-to-air broadcasting,” said Dr. Snead. “We are also passionate about realizing our vision of being the most-loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians.”

U.S. Startup Travels to Nigeria to Finalize Launch of Multimedia Tech Products

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Once MYATV is able to secure its broadcasting license, Nigerians will benefit from high-definition channels and features, without subscription fees. After the initial cost of the set-top boxes, consumers receive unlimited free access to channels or pay a minimal fee for premium services.

The multifaceted platform offers 5 pillars of services and features: TV services, radio services, connected services, t-commerce, and soft services. Significantly, MYATV empowers viewers to not only access HD-channels but also to create their very own curated channels with original content.


Aevolve’s main partner in Nigeria is ATD Global Security Services. The Lagos firm is led by Johnson Olakunle Moses and is helping bring the Atlanta Tech Village startup’s innovative technology to the motherland.

“The partnership between ATD Global security service and Aevolve Technology Inc. is aimed at pioneering Nigeria’s switch from analog to digital terrestrial television broadcasting,” said Moses.”We are expanding Nigeria’s technological experience with Digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting innovation in a way that will obviously inspire development in other areas of the nation’s technological vision.”

Other key players scheduled to meet Dr. Snead and his team include former Nigerian President Enerst Shonekan; Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, among others.

Still, the broadcasting arm of the business is just one division in Aevolve’s burgeoning portfolio of diversified technology products and services that are due to be rolled out in Nigeria and other regions across Africa.

Dr. Snead is passionate about Africa and Nigeria, in particular, developing a thriving tech startup ecosystem. He says  some of his initiatives will support the mission for Nigeria to become Africa’s Silicon Valley.“We are going to start with building the Aevolve Manufacturing Building, MYATV Broadcasting station, Hope 3 School of Technology, and Nigeria Tech Village (NTV) for startup companies.”

Dr. Les Snead, in Nigeria with former state governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel (left) and Johnson Olakunle Moses CEO of ATD Global Security Services (right)

Dr. Les Snead, in Nigeria with former state governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel (left) and Johnson Olakunle Moses CEO of ATD Global Security Services (right)

Aevolve’s powerful compact computer, known as ABx3 Gateway PRO Micro Computer, enables users to access everything from Microsoft Windows 365 to Google Docs.  “This is a new wave of technology that allows individuals to have unequaled access to technology from the comfort of their home,” said Dr. Snead, in an interview with UrbanGeekz last month. “We want to bridge the global digital divide to facilitate education, enhance employments prospects, and help transform the wider African economy.”

Despite ongoing problems associated with Nigeria’s infrastructure and haphazard power supply, the country is a key player in Africa’s highly anticipated technological revolution. This year Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise visit to the West African nation, which many saw as validation for the Nigerian technology ecosystem.

Last month, delegates from ATD Global and the West African country of Benin visited Atlanta for talks at Aevolve’s state-of-the-art office at Atlanta Tech Village (ATV), the fifth-largest tech hub in the United States. During the meetings they discussed everything from MYATV to the startup portable computer. Snead orchestrated many of the high-profile connections and negotiations needed to kick start the meetings to branch out to Africa. This week’s trip is the final phase to seal the deals.

Main Image: Dr. Les Snead, the CEO of Aevolve Inc. with one of his innovative products ABX3 Media Gateway Pro V.1 





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