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Whether you’re starting a business or looking for a new career, you might think now is the perfect time to investigate a future in the IT industry. To an extent, you would be right. IT operations and developers are in high demand right now, and that won’t change anytime soon. Almost every major business will have an entire section of the company dedicated to IT. Despite the high demand, there are still challenges in this industry that need to be overcome. Especially for new businesses hoping to find significant levels of success in this market area.


Let’s start by thinking about efficiency. Although business owners have found themselves reliant on security, they also need to look for ways to use less energy. The two ideas do not exactly go hand in hand. For instance, a cloud server is marketed as a way to make a business more efficient. But a private server will take huge amounts of energy in the business. You need to keep coolers running in the server system room just to keep the biggest servers operational. Therefore, a lot of the money business owners think they save is lost due to high energy costs. As such, IT developers need to concentrate on ways to improve efficiency. If they don’t, they might start to find themselves struggling to get the levels of demand they require.


Quality is important for every business and the IT industry is no different. If you are developing software or building programs, you need to make sure there are no bugs in the system. Optimization is vital before the product goes on sale or is released on the general market. As such, developers need to use tools like a USB bus analyzer to monitor signals from the computer when the software is running. Using a tool such as this, you should be able to pinpoint any issues in the software and fix them before it is released. Unfortunately, not all IT software developers take the time to handle this job effectively. Instead, they release an inferior quality product, and that brings us promptly to the next issue affecting this industry.

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#WOCinTech Chat


A security threat could be a catastrophic occurrence for an IT company. Particularly, when IT services are often relied on to ensure that systems are secure. Rather than storing client data in files or on a hard copy, they are located on a digital drive. This is beneficial, as long as the data is still secure. Unfortunately, there have been numerous high profile incidents where data has been stolen. Usually, this issue is a fault in the coding or the program used. Again, with a higher focus on optimization issues like this might be avoided.


Finally, the demand for IT services has a positive and negative affect. On the one hand, there is great opportunity for business owners to make significant amounts of profit. But small IT developers and freelancers may find it hard to gain interest from customers. Particularly, when this market is dominated by massive corporations.

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