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Essential Jobs Within A Business


If you have been studying business and are now ready to find that dream job of yours; here’s a list of a few job roles to get you started in your search.

Office manager

The person in this slot also may serve as human resource director, purchasing agent and “traffic cop” with salespeople and vendors. This employee, in general, will oversee everything not involved in production and may also handle some marketing duties.


This individual is the second-in-command in the shop and will oversee production in the absence of the owner, general manager or president. This position will have an overall understanding of all aspects of the business and also will handle working with new employees.

Accountant, controller bookkeeper

This is another key function. The individual filling this role has the responsibility for monthly income statements and balance sheets, collection of receivables, payroll and managing the cash. The key aspect here is managing the cash.

Purchasing manager

Duties of this position may be filled by either or both the general manager/top management person and the office manager. The supervisor or lead person often also is involved.

Operations manager

This individual is the leader for the operation and has overall responsibility for the financial success of the business. The operations manager handles external relations with lenders, community leaders, and vendors. Frequently, this individual also is in charge of either production or marketing for the business. This person will set in motion the vision, strategic plan and goals for the business.


Sometimes called the “front-line” person, the receptionist handles phone calls, greets visitors, handles the mail, does the billing and performs many other tasks as required by the office manager.

Quality control, environmental safety manager

This is a key job in any industry and, in particular, one that deals in food products. In a small business, one person generally will be responsible for monitoring air and water quality, product quality, training of employees in each of these areas and filing all necessary monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

Professional staff

Instrumental in each company, new or existing, are the firm’s professional staff resources. These include an accountant, a lawyer, a computer consultant and possibly, a local doctor or access to a medical facility. Although perhaps not outlined as full-time staff positions in your organization, these roles should be considered a part of the management team.

Marketing manager

If finances permit, a marketing manager may be on staff to handle all aspects related to promoting and selling the product. The top management person often handles this duty in a small business. There are many different areas of marketing such as INTOUCHMD, a marketing company for healthcare supplies.

Shipping and receiving manager

This may not be a full-time position in a start-up business. However, someone needs to be assigned the task of packaging, ordering transportation for delivery, receiving incoming material and warehousing of finished goods and stock. Several people may be involved in this, including the office manager, foreperson or accounting clerk.


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