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December 20, 2016
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5 Tips To Help You Survive Your First Business Exhibition

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Attending a business exhibition demands time and effort to achieve success. Businesses all over the world conduct exhibitions as a way of increasing revenue. If not planned adequately, a business exhibition can be a daunting prospect.

The following 5 tips will help you survive your first business exhibition.

Get the Right Design for Your Exhibition Stand

An exhibition stand can make or break your business show. Customers are attracted to a good-looking stand, which is why you should emphasis on the design and an attractive color combination. A good stand conveys your brand values and appeals to the prospective market.

A creative exhibition stand should stand out in a crowd. It should display accurate information about your branding, marketing material, products, and services. Use clear signage and optimum lighting to enable easier viewing of your message. Consulting an exhibition stand design and build supplier such as Nimlok will greatly help you create engaging exhibition stands.

 Preparation Should Be Top Notch

A successful business exhibition begins with careful preparation, which includes establishing a sound marketing budget. Ensure you have a checklist of everything you’ll need and set clear, measurable, and achievable goals before you launch your exhibition.

Be Clear On Your Promotional Products

Many exhibitors fail to make clear what they are exhibiting. Promotional products are a staple at shows and choosing the right package will ensure that the campaign is worthwhile. Therefore, it should be relevant to the brand and useful to the target consumers. Promotional freebies may include pens, bags, electronic gadgets, mugs, badge holders, or notepads.

Make Your Presence Known

Exhibitions are a great forum to meet new and reconnect with the existing customers. Attendees arrive at the venue with a clear idea of which stand they want to visit. Thus, invite your past and present customers to the event and give them a special incentive.

Additionally, having a social media marketing platform in place and engaging with clients who have checked in is the game changer in the world of exhibition stands. Mention the exhibition on social media, trade publications, and your website. You can also create streams that follow the event hashtag. Through this, you can proactively identify like-minded individuals from your social streams.

Choose a Prime Location

The location is critical to the success of any show. Thus, consider your stand location when negotiating a contract an exhibition. Most shows offer prime locations at an extra cost. If you are willing to pay extra, look into this earlier as prime location spaces sell out fast.

Bottom Line

Exhibitions may seem like a waste of time, particularly where everyone wants to sell, but nobody is looking to buy. However, conducting a successful exhibition requires a great deal of planning. There are many opportunities to make a great impression and achieve your desired success. Notably, exhibitions involve great risks attributed to the cost involved amidst the uncertainty of success. Therefore, it is important to give it your best shot with the tips mentioned above for a flourishing outcome.

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