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“App”-ly Yourself! The Power Of Apps And Tech For Education

"App"-ly Yourself! The Power Of Apps And Tech For Education

The popularity of apps and tools in education is incredibly widespread. Teachers, students, colleges, and university programs have all benefited from using apps to better their education or take part in what is called “distance education.” With regards to their studies, using the internet for the purposes of learning can be a very helpful tool if you go about using the right tools, and here are some.

Adobe Connect

This is an educational version of Adobe’s online meeting software. This can help you make alterations to PDF files, so teachers can easily adjust presentations or increase interaction with students, implement breakout sessions, as well as provide real-time tests or quizzes. In addition to this, there are some tracking mechanisms that allow for specific real-time feedback on the contents of the course and the set-up, as well as the ability to monitor the progress of students.


This is a platform that functions very much like the traditional blackboard. It uses a number of different methods for teachers and pupils to collaborate and to connect with each other all in one place that is very easy to use. Instead of piecing together different tools for communication and participating in lessons, this platform puts them all in one place. A company that specializes in other aspects of education and distance learning, and is a great tool for real-time collaboration is also very popular. A website that is tailored towards University lecturers and students is and has many different functions such as remote apps, building schedules, as well as the ability to communicate with the business offices from the student side.


While it is not an educational tool per se, it is still an incredibly useful tool for communication in terms of making video calls or voice calls to PC’s, mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones, which makes it an invaluable tool for a student trying to contact their teacher at short notice or to connect with fellow students for feedback or moral support.


Yes, even as an online resource YouTube has thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of educational videos, classes, and reams of information for free, and surprisingly provides detailed resources and insight into topics such as science, mathematics, geography, business industries, languages, or history. But of course, the quality can vary, and the content can be questionable depending on the source. However, many schools are now posting material online and using YouTube as a very important resource.

Google Plus Hangouts

As a social network, it is very useful for online video chats, allowing for students and teachers, as well as experts to take part in video conferencing, and is very handy when it comes to presentations in an auditorium where you need a third party to make an appearance but cannot be there in person.


While it may not be the most sophisticated of tools, it is incredibly simple to use and is incredibly popular. To connect via voice or video with others on the internet, however, you will both require an Apple device in order to discuss coursework.


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