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Keeping on track of employees is an essential task for every business owner. By efficiently monitoring employees in the work environment, an employer can review their performances; audit their application of policies and procedures; check for onsite theft and ensure their money is being spent wisely.

The information obtained from these reviews can be applied for effective correction and positive reinforcement of a worker’s performance. When you steer workers in the right direction to achieve the most results, a business can tap into the potential of a work force. This is a way to become a results-orientated operation as you’re keeping tabs on the workplace. The information gathered from work area surveillance can be used to create job efficiencies and improvements, as well as curb unproductive employee activities. With strong and successful workers, a business can develop, grow, and thrive.

So how is employee monitoring efficiently done? There are many devices and tools that a business can use to easily inspect what’s going on or, in some cases, not going on in their company. Efficient monitoring can be done through the following:

Computer Monitoring Software

Although some employers don’t like to completely spy on their employees, sometimes it needs to be done. You should be keeping an eye on how much time is being spent on work vs non-work related activities, such as checking up on social media. Employees going off task is one of the most common causes of poor performance, as they’re being distracted from their goals and are wasting valuable time.

There are multiple software options that enable you to monitor your employee’s computers. Such software may provide you with daily/weekly reports, the ability to see their screens live or notifications when certain websites (e.g. Facebook) are visited. If you’re getting consistent results, you can then step in and speak to the office about the issue. Completely banning the use of such sites can often have a negative impact, so simply going over the problem and emphasising that this should only be done on breaks may be best.

Time Tracking Technology

Another condensed way of monitoring employees is through their keycard data. Keycards register when an employee officially checks into and out of work. Obtaining a summary report of arrival times of employees is another succinct method of checking in on their performance in the work place. If a certain employee is constantly late to work, then something may be wrong and their performance may be slacking as a result. Find the route of the problem and do all that you can to help them. Simply altering their working hours to suit their needs may relieve their stress and improve their work significantly.

Worker Planner System

It’s all well and good to take a look at the finished project and assess whether it’s good or bad, but your perspective is limited if you have no idea what went on throughout. It’d take up way too much of your time to have to speak to each individual employee every day about what’s going on, so instead, take a look at investing in planning software to manage tasks and review performance. This will allow you to review how tasks are progressing and which employees are working on certain tasks. Reports can be gathered and little needs to be done in order for you to see where issues lie.

Each of these methods will make the review process far quicker, as you can visualise as much information as you can at one time – compacting the information. When you’re already busy with your own responsibilitites, the last think you want to have to do is manually review your entire workforce. Instead, try using some of the above technology to monitor things for you. This way, you can keep a handle on the productivity of employees and, like wise, maintain a successful and results-orientated environment – a win-win for the work performance of the employees, the business, and the future of both.

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