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Looking Forward to Make Friends Online? Try the New Kik Messaging App

Looking Forward to Make Friends Online? Try the New Kik Messaging App

We all know and accept the fact that a good friend makes our life easier and worth living. We may have a lot of friends from our school and college, but sometimes we don’t feel comfortable sharing our feelings with them because we fear they may tell those secrets to someone else.

This is one of the reasons why people look for online friendship with strangers and they choose social media for this purpose. They feel more comfortable talking with an online friend of the same mindset even if they have never met each other. For some people, it is exciting to connect with people living in different geographical regions and knowing their culture.

Kik messenger is one of the amazing instant messaging apps, which is making it quite easy for people, who are complete strangers to connect and explore each other. You can also connect with your friends and family on Kik. It has some amazing features because of which it is becoming the favorite messaging app of users.

Wonderful features

By using Kik app, you can exchange unlimited text messages with your friends because it has no text limits. It is free of cost and hence you will definitely love to use this and save your money. This app is available for most of the android and windows phone, which is widely used by phone users.

Kik app allows you to share pictures, voice messages, etc. with your friends added to your profile. You can also set a status, which can be anything related to your idea for life, your mood, your current activity or your relationship status. You can also associate your other social networking site accounts like Instagram and Snapchat with your Kik account.

When you create your id on this app, it is visible to every Kik user and hence you can receive invitations from people belonging to different regions of the world and connect with them. You can also send an invitation to people whom you want to connect with. Talking to people you know is safe, but making new friends and chatting with them is such fun.

Finding friends

If you are looking to make some new friends on Kik, there are various ways through which you can meet new people whom you would like to connect and become friends with.

You can find friends on Kik by using their username or Kik code, but sometimes your search fetches you lots of unknown profiles, so if you find any profile interesting, you can send them a request to connect.

You can share your profile on other social networking ids of yours like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. and hence can get the attention of more and more users. It surely will help you to make online friends super soon.

You can make your profile seem interesting to different Kik users by adding your hobbies or setting up an interesting status. You can also share your contact number, which is a bit risky, but some people may find it comfortable to get along with you on the phone to know you in a better way. It is advisable to be careful while sharing your contact number.

Joining Groups

It becomes easy to relate with the people with same interests and hobbies. By joining public groups, using hashtags, which include your hobbies, can be a good way to connect with people, who share the same interest.


It is good to make new friends and chat with them and discover their culture and lifestyle, but never compromise your safety. Online fraud is very common, so choose your friends wisely and do not share everything with them before knowing them well.

Make friends, chat with them, share information, and learn new things but whenever your intuitions are indicating something negative about a person, try to prohibit yourself from talking to him/her, after all, your safety lies in your hand.

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