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How Will Your Long Term Care Business Survive?
May 15, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Money Saving Tips For Cash-Strapped Startups

A startup is a new, fast-growing business venture that develops an innovative service or product to meet a need in the market. Research shows that nine of out ten startups fail. This rate of failure is no news in the entrepreneurial world. The saddest part is if you check the carcasses of some of the dead businesses, it’s no surprise to find they were founded on excellent multibillion revolutionary ideas. The question is why does a company created on a superb idea still fail? This article covers some of the money saving tips that can help business enthusiasts resuscitate or create great business empires.

Why Do Startups Fail?

Having a great business idea and executing it are two entirely different things. The majority of startups fail because of lack of financial and management skills. No matter how brilliant an idea is, lack of either or both will kill it.

How to Save Money and Grow a Startup

First, scale the business plan back, for instance, owning a local restaurant or clothing store maybe one’s dream, but the capital requirements that comes with such a venture is enormous. Consider starting the business idea with an online store and with one line of product. Track how fast the market receives the first product, grow your profits and customers, from there you can expand your product line with much market certainty.

When dealing with a startup, every dollar saved is equivalent to every dollar you won’t have to raise from investors or borrow from banks. Unnecessary costs and debts are the last things to put on a startup. For instance, you may need a list of equipment and tools for the restaurant or a retail store. You don’t have to go to upscale trading shops or sites for shopping. If you cannot afford to buy new equipment, consider approaching enterprises who rent such equipment for short-term periods at affordable prices. You can always renew the lease term until you’re financially ready.

Startups Require Capital to Survive

However, no matter how many dollars you try to save, a startup will require a certain amount of capital to run. As a committed entrepreneur, invest your savings, there is no better motivation to want to succeed than when one’s owns saving are put on the line. You may also contact institutions such as Moneybanker for affordable loans. Marketing is a useful tool to get the word out about the existence of a startup. Efficient and effective advertising can be quite challenging and expensive too. Nevertheless, for someone determined to succeed, marketing can still be achieved efficiently and inexpensively. For instance, social media platforms such as Facebook and doing cross promotions, you’re targeting the same customers as the big players at the end of the day. Also, startup owners tend to have more time than money, capitalize on the time you have on direct selling; it has greater margins and better cash flow.

When a company is young, drawing money from the business is the last thing to do, if you already have a day job, don’t quit. You should not rely on your new company to pay for your bills. These funds could be channeled in marketing, buying equipment, opening a second store; getting a patent, and the list is endless. Cover your personal expenses from your own account, lean living to adjust your lifestyle. Also, you don’t want to hire a lot of employees when the business can hardly pay such wages. Constant cash flow is crucial when growing a new business. For instance, in the painting industry, clients can pay deposits to secure a service, and the remaining money paid after completion of the job. Similarly, you can set up a variety of payment methods such as debit and credit cards to ensure the business is cash loaded all the time.




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