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Times change. Rapidly. Only thirty years ago offices were still using rudimentary office file cabinets, simple mobile communication methods, and floppy disks to store data. Now, 100gb of cloud storage is considered small to house the real requirements of the modern, digital-focused worker.

If you were around to remember how it used to be, you’ve most likely noticed how technology has been absorbed by your business to better compete with modern markets. This is undoubtedly positive. Not only do people have ease of communication, access to important files and reliably secure storage that enables people to work from home without having to leave the house for even a phone call.

For better or for worse, it’s here to stay, and getting involved has never been easier. If you’re unhappy with your job, or just plain fancy a change, consider applying this three-step list to upgrade your marketable skills in an increasingly digital world.

Learn a programming language

There are a plethora of amazing online resources to upgrade your skills and learn programming languages for a variety of applications. If you want to develop the next big smartphone app or simply feel that your desktops music player is insufficient, learning a programming language could be the prescription you need. Websites such as CodeAcademy allow you to follow step by step guides that can help you shed layers of hesitation once the accessibility of learning becomes apparent.

In fact, programming languages are becoming so much of a ubiquitous requirement, that in some public high schools it is being implemented into the curriculum. Don’t let the digital age leave you behind, as now more than ever the possibilities for creating software have seemingly endless practical applications.

Do freelance work

Freelancing is something that a lot of people are hesitant to try. The fear of losing a reliable paycheck without benefits can be scary to some people who have held a reliable job for a number of years, and with good reason. Sometimes it can be hard to find work. Sometimes you have to deal with less-than-amiable clients.

But if you have a skill that is going unused such as drawing or creative writing, allowing yourself to practice while getting paid for it could be the prescription for establishing an online career, even if it’s just part-time alongside your current job.

Study an online degree

Online universities are becoming universal these days, thanks to the relative ease in which you can access course materials and prescribe your own hours of study. If you wish to become even more affluent in the online marketplace, and have an interest in hacking or the ‘combat’ side of digital systems, studying for a Cybersecurity degree could be the ticket you need.

Maryville University Online offers three disciplines of cybersecurity degree with both offensive, defensive and broad ranging options available. As the digital world evolves, methods of intrusion, hacking and online ‘warfare’ become more complex and refined. If your office job is boring you and you dream of becoming an action hero, your fantasies of becoming James Bond in the digital world can be realized.

The internet is a modern superpower and is here to stay. Make sure you incorporate its fruits into your life in order to revolutionize your workday.




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