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Are you climbing the corporate ladder? There are dozens of ways you can use your college education once you have it. Sure, it requires tenacity, hard work, and even a little bit of luck to make it fresh out of school. After that huge investment of time, energy and money, though, you’re raring to go. So why on earth would you consider doing it all over again when you’re already working?

Times change, working practices change, and industry regulations change. Your degree might already be out of date by the time you make it into work. Don’t panic, though. Lifelong learning is an approach we should all be taking, no matter which industry you find yourself in. Investing in your education goes far beyond your first course. All you need to decide is which degree is going to push you forward now.

If you’ve always been fascinated by the finance sector, chances are you have a relevant degree already. But if you want to specialise further, you might look for something that could put you in the top chair in just a few years. It doesn’t take long in a job to know if it’s what you’re comfortable doing for the rest of your life. Most first jobs fail to fit just right, and we often seek sideways movements to navigate into the role we really want. So how can you stop shifting sideways and make sure your next move is up?

Education providers like UAB can offer you the opportunity to study online. This means you can improve your resume without your current employer knowing. Of course, if you approach them, chances are they may be able to support your studies in return for your continued employment. Either way, it is possible to get another degree without having to go back to school full time. You can continue to earn your full-time wage with no breaks in employment.

Studying and working full time isn’t always easy though. You may make some sacrifices to your lifestyle by studying in the evenings. This is why asking your employer for support is so important. It goes beyond the financial advantage. They may be able to offer you time off to study. If you’re working toward a specialist degree in something like accounting, you may even be offered access and work experience within that department. This could be enormously beneficial for you. It also gives you a chance to speak to the people who do that job so you can get the best view of your potential future career.

Creating a study schedule and sticking to it will help you get the assignments in on time and ensure you complete your qualification. It can also help you enjoy a better work-life balance too. Speak to your course provider about the number of hours you are expected to put in. Then divide that by seven. You might find having a couple of days off a week from doing it could be a good idea though. Happy studying.


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