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Whenever a business is started, it’s always a good idea for the owner of the company to come up with an exit strategy, just in case they ever need to get out. You may want to sell your business for numerous reasons. You may have problems at home, or you may just not be that into it anymore. If you’re wondering whether it could be the right time to sell your business, look out for these signs:

You Don’t Enjoy It Anymore

If you know that you simply don’t enjoy your business anymore, this is a good enough reason to sell up. Maybe you’re on medications for things like focus and anxiety because you’re struggling to cope. Maybe you’re just feeling burnt out most of the time. If your passion has long left you and you just don’t know what to do, it could be a sign that it’s time to sell up and start something that sets you on fire again.

There Are Big Trends On The Horizon That Could Threaten Your Business

You need to keep your eye out for new trends on the horizon. Is something coming that threatens to make your business irrelevant? You may have a short window for action, so it’s crucial you act as quickly as possible. For instance, if you ran a speed dating business and you heard about Tinder, it would only make sense to think about how this could affect you and whether it’s worth selling up.  

You Get A Lucrative Offer Or Opportunity

You don’t always have to sell your business due to negative causes. There can be positive causes for it too. This requires realism and humility, so make sure you keep your head screwed on. Perhaps your business isn’t making much and you’re struggling, but you get a huge offer from an interested party. You don’t need to wait for an offer to come to you either. You can use sites like income diary to put your online business up for sale.

The Market Is Strong

This depends on the sector, but if the market is doing better than ever it could be time to strike while the iron is hot. Make sure you know how the market is doing and take that into account when you’re thinking about getting out.  

You Feel Ready To Retire

You can’t run your business forever. You may be close to retirement age or simply want to spend more quality time with your family. This is especially important to consider if your business is doing well. You can sell your business and part with some hard earned cash, ready to spend quality time with the people you love. You can also potentially hand over the reins to a relative if you want to continue your legacy.

Do you see the signs that it’s time to sell your business? It’s important to be realistic, have humility, and keep an eye on the market. Listen to your gut too. There’s no shame in not enjoying it anymore!



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