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Not-so-obvious red flags that confirm your partner is cheating on you

Sponsored Content: Discovering a partner’s affair has never been easier; you only have to know what to look for. Emails, text messages, online card statements – such signs leave the careless cheater with a trail that can be spotted even from the moon. You probably know the typical signs such as new interests, new music, weight loss, more work out and so on. But we’re here to present you some less conspicuous signs that you may have been overlooking.

  1. He starts counting minutes and everything he does is very accurate. For instance, he might call you at 5 p.m. on the dot to tell you that he is on his way home, thinking that this won’t raise any red flags. Well, it should, because he is drawing timelines in the sand and if he suddenly starts becoming very prompt and ritualized in an odd way regarding his schedule that this is a sign you can’t ignore anymore.
  2. He starts using new expressions or he suddenly changes his vocabulary. If he uses expressions that you’ve never heard him use before, he might be spending lots of time with someone else, or at least, enough time to pick up some of her lines.
  3. He starts buying you sexy lingerie. This means that his libido might be resurrected by a new presence and he would probably like to do the same for you.
  4. He starts being more angry or aggressive in the way he speaks to you. For instance, let’s just say that you’re being friendly with the waiter and after he took your order you smile at him. In that very moment, your better-half goes off and he speaks to you angrily and in ways, he never did before. The explanation if the fact that now that he is having an affair, he assumes that you might also start one.
  5. Symptoms such as disinterest in eating, insomnia, or blue moods might mean that he is experiencing these negative feelings and he is anxious at the thought that he is cheating on you.
  6. He suddenly becomes an expert is things that haven’t interested him until now. For instance, he starts showing you all kinds of facts that weren’t of interested before and this means that he may absorb some of his new lover’s hobbies.
  7. The signature blank stare is another important red flag. That guy who always had an answer for everything starts losing words. The explanation is the fact that now his brain is filled with lies and with all the excuses and the details he must remember revolving around these lies.

These are some very serious red flags, and we recommend more signs your partner is cheating, just to get as informed as possible.





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