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Why People Are Sad because of Lack of Bitcoins? (Apart from Obvious Reasons)


SPONSORED CONTENT: It’s safe to say that today is the era of cryptocurrency: people make big purchases, monitor its value at stock markets and though they cannot still pay for the order at services like https://scoobydomyessay.com/buy-essay, trust us, someday they will. However, every now and then we meet people who are as far from Bitcoins as possible and still they regret that they didn’t buy into it when it was cheap, although they haven’t even heard about it and have no idea what it is.

There is, of course, an obvious reason for this regret – at this moment of time, the price of a single coin is around $18,000 while at the very beginning of this currency people tend to buy thousands of these coins cheap-as-chips to play at online casinos. But what makes people who are nowhere near Bitcoins to lament about them?

Wise after an event: we are geared to regret lost opportunities

According to the researchers, the source of grief is our habitude to imagine “What would be if…” that often helps us to make up with harsh reality. We create our own imagined reality where you have plenty of Bitcoins bought when they were cheap and now you are Richie Rich with millions on your accounts.

According to the research of Neal J. Roese and James M. Olson, there are three logical derivations that lead to regret:

  1. Hypothetic though about how the different case scenario
  2. Explanation of actions that led to the actual juncture
  3. Prenotion of hindsight where a person falsely defines the level of the control of the situation

Scientists state that man is prone to imagine opportunities that we didn’t really have, and in the example, with Bitcoins, it is clear that buying Bitcoins is obvious now, but at that moment of time it was not that clear. And, in addition, are you sure that you had enough spare money at that time to buy cryptocurrency? Did you actually know about it? Were you able to go through the process of buying Bitcoins (rather complicated, by the way, even at the very beginning). Of course, our minds would gladly say yes, but in reality, it is really hard to answer such questions at once.

People tend to overestimate past possibilities, though, they also feel satisfied when they didn’t participate in ventures that collapsed.

Why this information may be useful for you?

No matter if you have guessed right and bought Bitcoins in time, or not – it does not matter, actually, there is always place for regret. That is why this emotion can be helpful – you can shape your future behavior and be able to make better decisions. Do not lock yourself into failure with Bitcoins – there are plenty of new promising technologies that are worth your attention. Sha



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