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Moovn goes head-to-head with Uber with new deal to reach millions of riders

Ride-Sharing App Moovn Goes Head-To-Head With Uber With Groundbreaking New Deal

Moovn is expanding its global footprint by extending its reach to millions of people across Africa.

The African-American owned ride-hailing company is already operating in the U.S. and Africa. Now a groundbreaking new deal with telecoms giant Vodacom has positioned the Seattle-based firm to significantly increase its market share in the ridesharing space.

The partnership is expected to provide more than 12 million people in Africa access to transportation services through the use of the Moovn app.

For Vodacom customers, data used to operate the mobile application is free or subsidized for Moovn riders and drivers. This is a huge deal in Africa, where mobile data pricing can often prohibit consumers from effectively using their cell phones.

“This partnership will dramatically improve the lives of millions of Africans for whom transportation is still a major challenge,” said Godwin Gabriel, Chief Executive of Moovn Technologies.

“We’re excited to align with a strategic partner and brand that complements our core values and mission to transform lives,” added Tanzanian-born Godwin Gabriel, who resides in America.

“This partnership aims to take advantage of Africa’s rapidly growing smartphone adoption rate by introducing an app-based service that will help solve transportation-related constraints, create jobs and economically uplift communities across Tanzania and further across the continent.”

Moovn is giving Uber a run for its money

“As we continue to lead in giving more Tanzanians access to affordable financial services, we are committed to bringing even more innovative solutions, providing businesses and Government with a platform that is easy to integrate to and offer competitive remuneration for our agents and business partners,” said Vodacom Tanzania, Business Unit Director Hisham Hendi.

Since launching in 2015, Moovn has aggressively grown operations across 35 cities in North America and Africa. The company is projecting to be in a total of 105 cities by the beginning of 2018. Its mission is to become a dominant global player and also serve half of Africa’s population – an estimated 1.3 billion people by the year 2020.

The ride-hailing app sets itself apart from its competitors because it allows the rider to pre-schedule trips up to a month in advance, instead of only being able to request one for immediate service. It also allows different vehicle options depending upon local modes of transportation, such as motorcycles and tricycles in developing economies. Other unique features include the movement of products and services from the marketplace to the consumer and the ability to enable businesses to keep track of their transport logistics.

Moovn app allows different vehicle options depending upon local modes of transportation, such as Boda-Bodas and tuk-tuks in developing economies.hhh

Moovn Unveils New Safety Feature

In the effort to put safety at the forefront of their model, Moovn is also officially unveiling its in-app safety feature. A built-in “panic button” will enable Moovn app users to setup and notify their emergency contact of their location and driver identification anytime during the duration of their ride.

This feature is essential in promoting safety, says Gabriel. Other safety functions include a way for riders to share their ride details with friends or loved ones so they can track their ride from beginning to end.

Businesses are also finding the app useful. Moovn is designed to provide solutions for users to arrange transportation and manage product logistics via desktop or mobile devices. The platform also enables businesses to track the delivery of products and services from the marketplace to the consumer in real-time.

Drivers also get to enjoy a flat commission per ride model that includes an option for customers to tip. Consumers, on the other hand, benefit from Moovn’s no surge pricing model, heightened safety features.

Main Image: Godwin Gabriel, CEO of Moovn Godwin Gabriel with locals in Tanzania

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