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August 23, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Definite Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Technology


You might know a few people who eagerly await the release of the newest smartphone or computer. They mark their calendars for the big day and willingly stand in line for hours at the mall to be one of the first to score what they are sure is the latest and greatest in technology.

While you admire their stamina, you also question whether they really need to shell out the big bucks for a new phone or laptop when the ones they have seem to be working just fine. Having said that, personal technology does need to be upgraded over time. If it has been awhile since you sprung for a new phone or laptop, the devices may be starting to give you some pretty clear signs that they are turning into electronic dinosaurs.

Senior Citizen Smartphones

When you first bought your shiny new smartphone, it was like an extension of yourself — you barely had to touch the screen for it to respond and you could do everything you wanted to quickly and easily. If your touchscreen is now slow to respond or possibly ignores your swipes and taps, it is probably time to say au revoir and treat yourself to a new one. Other signs that your phone is past its prime include running out of storage space, having very little battery life and needing to restart the phone in order for it to work properly. A severely cracked screen, a phone that shuts down for no reason, and one that can no longer handle updates from the manufacturer are also indications that it is time to put the phone out to pasture.

When you accept that it is time to replace your ancient phone, you definitely want to get a device that features the latest technology; this way, you won’t have to replace it again very soon. A great example is opting for a smartphone that features a Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor, which is designed to take your smartphone to the next level. From a long battery life and incredible camera to the ability to stream hi-definition movies and more; a smartphone with a Qualcomm mobile processor is sure to impress. Also, if you are into virtual reality (VR), the fastest mobile processors enable immersive VR experiences, like with Google Daydream, that are sure to impress you and your tech-loving friends.

Ancient Laptops and Computers

Most laptops let their owners know that they need to be replaced by slowing way down. Websites take forever to open, movies buffer constantly and running multiple programs will cause the laptop to shut down. Many laptops are sealed, meaning that you do not have the option to upgrade any of the internal components; the only exception is usually the memory, which you should be able to access and exchange for a larger size.

If you find that your laptop is running slower than molasses going uphill, upgrading from 4G of memory to 8GB or more can really help, and may save you a trip to the electronics store. You might also be able to purchase an external hard drive that connects to your laptop with a USB, such as the Seagate Backup Plus; this can also help to upgrade your existing laptop and extend its life a bit longer. In addition to memory and speed issues, your laptop may not have some of the features that you would use on a regular basis — for example, a DVD or Blu-ray drive. Of course, these upgrades cost money — funds that could go toward a new laptop.

It’s best to weigh the price of your desired upgrades versus the new unit and decide if you can live with the old one a bit longer or bite the budget bullet and purchase the new device.

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