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Frequent Flyers Perks: Use Your Reward Travel Credit Card

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From business trips to family vacations, the right travel credit card can be as important as your baggage and sun cream. Miles that are flown by you during a year can bring you really a plenty of benefits. Being a member of some loyalty or frequent flyer group you can earn points for spending money on your credit card. Everyone chooses a credit card that offers the best reward conditions.

Airlines miles programs are usually based on the principle how much did you pay from the beginning of the year on your airline tickets or how many miles you have already flown. All these depend on your credit card. If you are just looking for getting one you`d better find out about travel credit on effectify as they offer a good choice. Also, check it on the airline loyalty program. When you have collected enough points, you are able to use your miles and buy tickets.

Let`s consider the process in details.

Who is a frequent flyer?

Do not be deceived by the word frequent, because it does not mean you have to fly over 10 times annually. If your credit card is attached to the miles system reward or simply include miles redemption, you receive points any time you pay by this card, though it is buying products at supermarket or eating at the cafe. Check Qantas miles system and be sure that even buying online books can contribute to your points balance.

How to earn the quantity enough for the free ticket?

Here it is important to understand how the process of point earning happens. Just be familiar with your travel card policy. Think where you pay mostly by card (i.e. at the supermarket, taxi or restaurant), then choose the best travel credit which will suit your preferences and budget flow. For example, starting to use the Chase Sapphire (announced the best travel credit card in the rate of the last year) can earn you a 50,000 sign-up points (but they will be eligible only after the $4,000 spent within 3 months after the creation of an account). Those 50,00 points are equal to $750 (hence you can use it for purchasing tickets).


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Redemption of points

Here are some hidden issues. Check your credit card frequent flyer program on the subject of flexibility, as far as it can be specific. See the class flexibility, check-in priority, dates change, insurance, access to lounges, etc.

Consider that the redeeming of points for goods is less beneficial than for free airline tickets. Nevertheless, you can receive an upgrade to business or first class (though it is harder on high loaded routes).

What else to know before choosing a card?

  • Points-to-dollar rate and bonus earning policy.
  • Make sure you have a threshold of spends to reach the minimum sum when you will get introductory points.
  • Compare different frequent flying programs, see alliances policies and check airlines that participate in them.

Good luck with getting travel perk!




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