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September 14, 2017
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September 18, 2017

4 Great Careers for Communication Majors

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When someone says they want to become a communication major, the default assumptions are that they are going to be technical writers or write press releases. However, there are far more options for communication majors than these jobs. Here are four great careers for communication majors.

Public Relations

Yes, communication majors may start off by writing press releases. However, that is only the start. One of the highest positions a communication major could reach is the official spokesperson role for an organization.

Many communication majors edit reports, review papers employees write prior to publication, and generate internal communications. In the case of reviews of content submitted by employees, care is taken to ensure that company secrets are not inadvertently shared with the world as well as preventing embarrassing typos.

If you want to be the head of the communications department or official spokesperson, expect employers to require a master in communications. You’ll stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs like these if you’ve earned an online Master’s in communication management.

Writing and Editing

Writing and editing are part of a communication major’s skill sets. Writing ad copy is a starting place. Filling out grant applications for nonprofits and editing search engine optimized content created by software or the IT department are others. Writing news stories for publication in industry journals or working with reporters to get positive stories of the company out to the public is also part of the communication major’s role.

Internal Communications

Communication majors often act as the focal point for internal communications in an organization. The Human Resources department issues new policies per advice from legal or in response to new legislation. The communication major writes out the explanation in layman’s terms as to how these changes impact the average employee and how the changes in business operations affect the day to day tasks of managers or subject matter experts.

Sales Representative

Communication majors are trained to understand the audience and communicate specific intentions to that audience. This makes communication majors well suited to work in professional sales or act as sales support staff if they don’t want the travel or reliance on commissions. They can draft sales messages to prospective clients, answer potential customers’ questions in full detail in a way that promotes the product or service to them, and reach out to customers who haven’t bought for a while to find out why and how you can better serve them. They can also respond to customer complaints in a way that demonstrates empathy and defuses their anger, and then resolve the root problem.


Communication majors are trained to work in internal communications and public relations. Many can work in direct sales or sales support. Creating content marketing or writing grant applications, editing white papers and professional publications, they can fill a critical role in almost any organization. As with many modern professions, a master’s degree is seen as the necessary credential to taking over the management or the lead role in an organization.






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